Pot 'o Flowers {Finished}

Thursday, March 29, 2012

When I post about a new finish I usually say, she's finally finished! 
Quilts always take a lot of time and energy.  It always feels good to complete them, enjoy them and check them off your list. 

But let me say this time - shes. finally. finished.

You may remember this quilt, called Pot 'o Flowers by Glenna Hailey
that I started in November?  I posted about it HERE.

I approached my boss about making it because it was on my list of quilts to do
and I thought I might as well kill two birds with one stone and make it as a sample for the store.  We made kits up and we thought it would be a nice way to showcase 30's prints, as well as, something Springy for the store. 

Once I begun, I realized that it wasn't quite what I originally thought it was.
I've mentioned that I'm kind of spontaneous and a lot of times I just dive right into a project, right? 

Well, if I would have looked a little closer at the details and instructions of this quilt, I would have realized that this quilt is small.  Like 37-ish inches small.  Total.  The photo of it in the book [Sugar Sack Quilts by Glenna Hailey] was kind of deceiving to my eye.  Everything looked bigger than it really was.  I assumed that the checkerboard border was probably 2-1/2" squares [finishing at 2"] with some decent size flowers.  I was excited for this little hand applique project.

Well, little was right.  Most of the flowers were about 2" in diameter and the sashing squares finished at 1".  Cute.  But definitely smaller.

I had to switch gears.  And that took me some time.
For a month or so, I stewed over what method of applique to do.  I didn't think I had time to hand applique it.  It was a sample for the store so I needed to whip it out.  Plus, with all of the little curves and crevices of the flowers, I knew it would be a beast.  I went back and forth.  I could feel myself putting this off in my mind.  Dreading it.  In fact, I was OVER it and kind of regretted suggesting to make it.  I definitely had a million other projects to do and decided I didn't want to deal with this one.  But I knew I had to get going. 
So, following the authors instructions, I decided to used the Heat n Bond method.  But, instead of hand stitching around each piece per her instructions I decided to just machine applique them on with a straight stitch.

Well, finally, she's finished.  I just decided to dig my feet in and go for it.  I am happy with how it turned out.  The little checkerboard pieces are cute and it's a nice size for a wall hanging.  I still think this whole thing would be cute if it were twice the size but hey, I guess I learned a few lessons ~ 

* Read the small print on any project you're about to start.
* Don't take on more than you can handle - no matter how darling you think it is.
* And sometimes, you just gotta buck up and do what you said you were going to do :)

Happy Quilting!
~ Amber