Stash Hash Quilt-Along: Week 3

Monday, August 3, 2020

Good morning!  Welcome to week 3 of the Stash Hash Quilt-Along!

Are you ready to start sewing?
The assignment for this week is to make 3 Star Blocks.
So pick out 3 sets of bright print triangles, get your background triangles and squares, 
and lets get started!  Below are some helpful photos and tips but please
refer to the Stash Hash Block Assembly instructions for specifics.

Lay out one set of 16 bright print triangles to form a star.  
Note that triangles for the star points are adjacent to matching triangles 
in the block center, forming diamonds in the completed
block as shown above.  I like to lay out the triangles so there is contrast 
between each different print diamond and a balance between dark and light 
prints across the block.  Doing that will make each diamond pop!

Sew pairs of triangles together along the long edges to form Half-Square Triangles.

I like to keep the pairs in order as I sew them together (as well as when I press 
the seam allowances and square up the Half-Square Triangles because it makes it 
easier to put the units back in place before sewing them all together).

Press the seam allowances and then square up each Half-Square Triangle.

If you have questions about how to square up Half-Square Triangles 
check out THIS tutorial I created.  I think you will find it helpful! 

Lay out the Half-Square Triangles Blocks and the 4 background squares.
Sew all of them together, press the seam allowances and voila, 
now you have your first Stash Hash Star Block!  

Note: I know pressing seam allowances open is not the easiest, most enjoyable 
thing to do but it will help your block to lay nice and flat when finished.  
Because your seams won't "nest" like they do when you press seams to one side
it's even more important to cut accurately and make sure your seam allowance is 
an accurate 1/4" seam allowance.  You may want to make sure your 1/4"
seam allowance is spot on before starting.

Repeat the steps above to make a total of 3 blocks.

So that's it for this week!
I'd love to see your blocks on Instagram if you decide to share.
Please tag me @gigis_thimble and use the hashtags
#gigisthimblepattern, #stashhashquilt, and #stashhashqal 
so I don't miss a thing.

If this is the first time you've heard about the Stash Hash Quilt-Along it's not too late to join.
HERE'S the link to the Stash Hash QAL Homepage and you can get the pattern HERE.

Let me know if you have any questions!
Happy sewing!

Stash Hash Quilt-Along: Week 2

Monday, July 27, 2020

Good morning!  Welcome to week 2 of the Stash Hash Quilt-Along.

The assignment for this week is to do all the cutting for your chosen quilt size.
Note: If you're doing a scrappy background it may take longer to do the cutting.
You're welcome to cut fabric each week as needed but if you take the time
to do all the cutting this week it will make the assignments for weeks 3-12 to go a lot faster.

I have a time-saving tip for cutting the non-scrappy background fabric.
Check out my tutorial for Quick Rotary Cutting.  

Follow the idea there to cut your background strips 
and then crosscut into squares or rectangles.

To quickly cut the 5" squares on the diagonal once, keep your 
squares in place on your cutting mat while you make the diagonal cuts.   

You should be able to cut through several squares
(in adjacent rows) in one swoop as shown in the next few photos.

Be careful not to bump or move the pieces as you move the ruler to the next diagonal.

Cut through all of the squares once.

And voila!  You'll have all of the triangles 
needed for the star point HST's cut in a snap!

You can use the Quick Rotary Cutting method 
to cut all of the background pieces.

It will take a little more time to cut your bright fabrics but
enjoy seeing those pretties that you've treasured for so long!
This is when you get to plan the color scheme for each star.

After you finish cutting you will be all ready to start sewing next week.
I think you're going to LOVE seeing these blocks come together!

So that's it for this week!
Tell me below what size quilt you're making.

I'd love to see your progress on Instagram if you decide to share.
Please tag me @gigis_thimble and use the hashtags
#gigisthimblepattern, #stashhashquilt, and #stashhashqal 
so I don't miss a thing.

Also, just to let you know, I decided to continue sending the weekly reminders.
It seemed like a lot of you appreciate getting them and I am happy to do it.
Thanks for your input on that!

Have a great week!

Stash Hash Quilt Along: Week 1

Monday, July 20, 2020

Are you guys ready to get this party started!?
I'm so excited the day is finally here!

It's week 1 of the Stash Hash Quilt-Along and the assignment for this week is to gather 
the pattern and fabrics you plan to use.  I'm making a Christmas version because I have some 
really fun Christmas 10" squares I received in a swap I participated in a year or so ago.

As I've said before, Stash Hash is a great stash buster quilt 
AND it's perfect for pre-cuts!  It requires 5" squares, 2 1/2" squares and some 
2 1/2" rectangles so the 10" squares will give me what I need.

I'm excited to finally put those swap squares to good use!

For my background fabric, I am using the cream fabric that has little 
tan asterisks on it.  It's from the fabric line Christmas Figs II by Fig Tree & Co.  
I think it will add a nice contrast to my Christmas fabrics.

So that's it for this week!  We're starting things off nice and easy!

Will you do me a favor and post a picture on Instagram showing me your fabrics?!?
Be sure to tag me @gigis_thimble and use the hashtags 
#gigisthimblepattern, #stashhashquilt and #stashhashqal.  
I can't wait to see (and I think others will enjoy seeing them too)!
If you're not on Instagram, just leave a comment below telling me your plan.  
I'm dying to hear it!

Also, I have one question for you - 
can you tell me in the comment section below whether or not you would like 
to continue to receive the weekly QAL emails?  I was thinking...all of the info will be in the 
blog posts.  The emails will just be reminders to check out the blog posts.  
So instead of clogging up your inboxes and making one more step for myself I thought 
if you just planned on coming here each Monday morning (or whenever you can each week) 
that might be better for all of us!  But I am happy to do it if you prefer the reminders.  
Vote below with your preference and I'll do what the majority prefers.  Thanks guys!

If this is the first time you've heard about the Stash Hash Quilt-Along it's not too late to join.
HERE'S the Stash Hash QAL Homepage and you can get the pattern HERE.

Happy fabric pulling!

Stash Hash Quilt-Along

Thursday, July 9, 2020

I'm excited to announce the Stash Hash Quilt-Along starting July 20th, 2020!

The first Stash Hash quilt was so fun to make.  I'm excited to make 
another one and I'd love for you to join me!  This pattern is great for using up stash and 
scraps but I also give you permission to buy new fabric if you want (wink, wink)!  
I can't wait to see it in more color schemes besides the scrappy rainbow version I made 
so start brainstorming what colors you want to do!

Here are the details for the Quilt-Along:

PATTERN: Stash Hash - available as a paper pattern or a PDF pattern 
in my Etsy shop.  Click HERE to shop.

DURATION: 13 weeks
DATE: July 20th, 2020 - October 18th, 2020
QUILT SIZE: choose between a Throw (64 1/2" x 80 1/2") or a Full (80 1/2" x 80 1/2").
The pattern also includes instructions for a Lap quilt but since that has significantly 
less blocks I am not including it in the Quilt-Along.  Of course you're welcome to make
that size but if you make it on your own there's a good chance you might finish it sooner.

Week 1 (July 20th): Get pattern and fabric
Week 2 (July 27th): Cut fabric
Week 3 - 12 (August 3rd - October 5th): Make 2-3 blocks each week 
(specific assignments will be give on Instagram and in blog posts).
Week 13 (October 12th): Assemble quilt top

Click HERE for a printable version of the schedule, fabric requirements and a bonus
coloring page!

FINISHED SIZE: 64½” x 80½”
# OF STARS: 10
BINDING: ⅝ yard
40” WIDE BACKING: 5 yards
BATTING: 72” x 88” 

FINISHED SIZE: 80½” x 80½”
# OF STARS: 13
BINDING: ²∕3 yard
40” WIDE BACKING: 7¹∕3 yards
BATTING: 88” x 88”

*This pattern is perfect for using up scraps & stash or leftover 5”, 10” or 2½” pre-cuts!  Note: Each Star Block requires eight assorted bright print 5” squares in the same color family.  Feel free to repeat some of the prints in each block or make multi-colored stars. You could also use an assortment of low-volume prints rather than white solid fabric as the background for extra scrappiness!

- Register for the Stash Hash Quilt-Along HERE.
- You will receive 1 weekly email through the duration of the Quilt Along.
- A new blog post will be up each Monday.
- Follow me @gigis_thimble and use the hashtag #stashhashqal on Instagram to post pictures.  I encourage you to follow and encourage other quilters in the hashtag group!  It's a great opportunity to make new quilty friends and receive inspiration on Instagram!

Let me know if you have any questions!
I look forward to sewing along with you!

Grafftti Quilting Class by Karlee Porter + Coupon Code

Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Hey guys!  I wanted to share a fun online class that my friend Karlee Porter 
is teaching this Fall and sign-ups open tomorrow - July 1st, 2020!

Karlee is the designer of many of the digital edge-to-edge designs 
that I often use on my quilts.  She is also the mastermind behind the 
blow-your-mind style of quilting called, Graffiti Quilting.

[photo courtesy of]

I've been studying Karlee's book, Graffiti Quilting volume 2 and decided to dive in 
and try my hand at Graffiti Quilting today.  It was so fun and so addicting!!!

I get so stuck in my box sometimes (don't get me wrong, I love my box) 
but it is so good for the soul to take a break from the norm and try new things!  
I think it refreshes our minds and makes space for inspiration!

This was literally my first time ever doing Graffiti Quilting 
(and I did this on my domestic machine).  Now, I have tried other free-motion quilting 
before but what I loved about Graffiti Quilting is that there is lots of room 
for imperfection, haha.  It doesn't have to be perfect to look fantastic!  
Plus, the Graffiti Quilting method allows you to retrace some of your lines 
to help smooth out some of the bumps. 

I have a long ways to go to get good at Graffiti Quilting 
but it's enjoyable and allows lots of room for creativity!

Anyways, you can visit Karlee's website HERE for all the details
but I just wanted to let you know about it because if you sign up soon 
you can get an early bird pricing discount.

July: $325
August: $350
September: $375

It's an 8-week online course and I am one of the sponsors!
And bonus, there will be a coupon book given to all of the participants 
that will include lots of discount codes, including a 25% one-time 
discount on all patterns in my shop.

Let me know if you decide to do it!  It's going to be fun!

Plain and Simple (a new pattern)

Thursday, June 25, 2020

Look at me, blogging twice in one week!  Who am I?!?  
It's just that I have another new pattern to share with you!
I'd like to introduce you to Plain and Simple.

I had the opportunity to design a pattern with fabric from the 
Daisy Mae fabric line by Poppie Cotton.  It was interesting designing
a pattern with just THREE fabrics!  That's so not like me!
But it was a fun challenge trying to come up with a pattern for them; I love the way it
it turned out and now I want to make Plain and Simple in ALL the colors! 

It's a pretty easy pattern; one that I think would be great for beginners.

Plain and Simple comes with instructions for 5 different size options -

Baby - 34" x 34"
Throw - 51" x 51" 
(cover quilt and sample)
Twin - 68" x 85"
Queen - 85" x 102"
King - 102" x 102"

Cathy Barney quilted this for me using the Elegant Orange Peel design 
by Karlee Porter.  It's such a pretty design - it works well with the angles in the
quilt pattern but has a softness about it that I love!

I had so much fun making this pattern that I've already made a second one (the twin size)
using a V. and Co. ombre jelly roll I had on hand.  The pattern only includes instructions
for the three color version but I wanted to see what a scrappy version would look like.

Pretty fun, right?  Here's a peek at the quilt top.  I just dropped it off at my 
quilter's house today so I'll show you more pictures of it when it's finished.

Isn't it amazing how different it looks in solids with dark stars!?!
Check out this blue and white version (I was having fun mocking up different
versions of Plain and Simple in EQ7).

I think this pattern will be great in any color scheme for any occasion.  
What color scheme would YOU do if you made it?

Plain and Simple is now available as a PDF in my Etsy shop (click HERE)
The paper patterns will be available very soon!
Daisy Mae fabrics are in shops now.

Happy quilting!