Blue and White Pineapple Quilt

Monday, December 26, 2022

I hosted a Pineapple quilt Quilt-Along 
on Instagram that started January 31st, 2022.
We made 1 Pineapple block a week for 36 weeks.  
Today I'm FINALLY sharing my finished quilt!

These blocks finish at 12-3/8" x 12-3/8" and take me
about an hour and a half to make.

Each block has 57 pieces in it.
57 x 36 blocks is 2,052 pieces overall!
The method I used to make the blocks is 
called foundation paper piecing.
I sell packages of the papers in my Etsy shop
which you can check out HERE.

I did an ombre effect on each block;
starting with light blue fabrics in the center and
working my way out to my darkest blues.
The background is all neutral low-volume prints.

I debated on which fabric above
to use for the backing fabric.  I had bolts of both.
I put a poll up on Instagram and an
overwhelming majority voted for the navy plaid.

I cut some of the navy plaid on the bias for the binding.

I had my longarm quilter, Jen Ostler, in Highland, Utah 
do grid quilting on it for a classic, timeless feel.  
I never tire of grid quilting!
She always quilts a small object into the
quilting for a fun game of hide-n-seek.
This time she did a tiny 1" x 2" pineapple.

This is the second Pineapple quilt that I've made.
The first one was pink and green and had
an appliqued border with vines, leaves, and birds.
Click HERE to check it out.
They really are so fun to make once you
get the process down.  I'd love to make another
completely scrappy one someday.

If you have never paper pieced before, this is
a pretty good block to start with because it's the same steps
over and over. It's all strips (no triangles or curves)
and there are not multiple sections you
have to put together.  The Pineapple block
has a lot of bang for its buck since
it looks a lot harder than it really is.

I call my method of foundation paper piecing
a "grab 'n go" method as you don't have to precut
or prepress any of the fabrics.

I would say the skill level for this block is "confident beginner"
and I have created several tutorials to help you
if you decide to make a Pineapple quilt using my papers.
Click HERE for a YouTube tutorial I created for this block.
Click HERE for the printable instructions.
And if you finish making all the blocks
I've got all the quilt finishing instructions HERE.

My quilt finished at about 74" x 74".
It took me about 54 hours to make the blocks,
4.2 hours to remove the papers, 
a few hours to make, attach and hand-stitch the
binding for a total of just over 60 hours.
Kind of crazy but I love it.
It was a true labor of love!

Please let me know if you have any questions
and thank you for stopping by today!
Happy holidays, friend!


  1. Gorgeous! Congratulations on finishing!

    1. Thank you! It feels good to have it finished!

    2. I love how your quilt turned out! The dark plaid was the right choice for backing. I’m making this quilt (started along with you in January) and took it to a retreat in October. So many people were interested in the pattern/papers! Hopefully, I pushed some sales to your website.

    3. Well thank you! I appreciate it!

  2. So so beautiful!!! This one is in my bucket list!

  3. I left a comment on Instagram that I started my block 24 this morning and if i knew how to leave a pic, I would! I am making mine very similar to yours, but in red and white and every single section is a different fabric of red and ivory/cream and the sections are cut out and waiting on a cookie sheet. I won't let myself lay out all the blocks as I'm waiting until either 25 or 49 blocks are done! I have a scrappy but smaller pineapple quilt on my to do list...eventually lol! Happy new year, Amber!!

    1. Ahhh, it will be amazing! Red and white is classic! Best of luck and happy new year to you too!


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