My Red, White, and Blue Quilts

Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Hey friend.  I've been meaning to share with you all of my 
red, white, and blue quilts - together in one place.  
Hopefully, if you're wanting to make a
patriotic quilt, you'll find some inspiration here!

First up is my Star-Spangled Pineapples quilt.
This is a free pattern that Amanda Niederhauser (@jedicraftgirl) 
and I created for our Five Fat Quarter Fun series a few years ago.

HERE is a link to the free PDF pattern and
HERE is a link to the original blog post with more photos and details.

Next up are my beachy, faded Stars and Stripes quilt
and my No-Point Stars quilt.

Both of these patterns are by other quilt pattern designers.
Stars and Stripes is by Camille Roskelly of Thimbleblossoms and it's available
in her shop HERE.  The No-Point Stars pattern is a free tutorial by
Allison Harris of Cluck, Cluck, Sew.  You can find it HERE.
I don't have blog posts up yet about my versions.
I want to share more details so I'll do that soon in another, separate post.

Another red, white, and blue quilt that I made
many years ago is my Scrap Jar Stars quilt.

This is a great stash-buster project!
This pattern comes with instructions for 4 different size quilts
and is available in my Etsy shop HERE.

I've also made my United quilt.  

It has 50 really simple flag blocks (to represent the 50 states) 
plus 5 stars and a heart block!  It's a fun make and very beginner-friendly!
United finishes at 78-1/2" x 87-1/2".
You can find the pattern in my Etsy shop HERE.

If you're looking for a really simple star/flag quilt
check out my Glory quilt HERE.
I share a free cutting chart & tutorial for Sawtooth
Star block sizes 3" - 20" plus all the details for this quilt.

Another option is a red, white, and blue Star Patch quilt!
I've made 3 Star Patch quilts (a colorful one, a red and white one,
and this one).  It was just screaming to be made up in 
red, white, and blue don't you think!?!

And for all you scrap lovers out there, I've got a tutorial
for this Firework quilt.  I made a baby-size but it
would be really easy to make it bigger.  A coloring sheet is included.

And if you're in the mood for some simple patchwork,
I've got this red, white and blue Rough and Tumble quilt pattern.
It comes with instructions for 5 different quilt sizes and is great for beginners!

I think it would be cute to layer any patriotic quilts
with a simple red or blue quilt (like the ones that I made for my new book,
Quilt the Rainbow).

[Sew Delightful.  Photo courtesy of Martingale.]

[Patchwork Plaid.  Photo courtesy of Martingale.]

You can find both of those patterns in Quilt the Rainbow; available HERE.

I feel like you can never have too many red, white, and blue quilts!
Do you have a favorite of the quilts I shared today?

I hope you found some inspiration here!
Happy Summer friends!


  1. Love the Red White and Blue quilts. This year I'm making table runners and pillow covers for each month, all from my stash. Next year I'm hoping to make a quilt for each month to put on the backnof our loveseat

  2. Thank you for mentioning your Sawtooth Star chart... that brought me to this delightful blog post! I don't have any patriotic quilts (yet) but I'm nearly done with all my flags for Camille's flag quilt... and I'm eager to make a star quilt like the one you posted yesterday for the Fourth. Your work is beautiful! Thank you for your kind, generous heart!! ~ Mama Pris ❤️

  3. I just received your Quilt the Rainbow book & love it. I’d love to get your blog posts via my email address but I can’t find where to sign up to do so. Please help! Thanks!

  4. I just received your new book, Quilt the Rainbow. Love it❣️ I’d love to receive your blog posts via email. Is that possible? Thanks!

    1. Thank you for purchasing my new book; I'm so glad you love it! I am trying to figure out how to let people receive my blog posts via email...Blogger took away that option a couple years ago so I need to find a new, outside source to help me with that. Thank you for the reminder that I need to do that! I will get on it!


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