5 Fat Quarter Fun

Welcome to the home page of all the {FREE} 5 Fat Quarter Fun projects!

Do you ever wander around the quilt shop loving everything you see and not really knowing what to buy?  You feel totally overwhelmed with wanting EVERYTHING in the shop, your husband’s voice is echoing in your ear saying you don’t need more fabric, and your latest bank statement is fresh on your mind?  My friend, Amanda @jedicraftgirl, and I came up with the idea of 5 Fat Quarter Fun when we met up at a quilt shop and had a similar experience.  So, every month we are offering you a free pattern that requires only 5 Fat Quarters and background yardage to complete the quilt top!!!!  That sure makes wandering around a quilt shop more fun!!!  Just pick out 5 fat quarters and you are good to go!!

Here are the links to these fabulous, free patterns!