Air Quotes

Friday, June 29, 2012

Whenever I refer to my job or going to work I have to use air quotes because I always feel a little bit silly getting paid to do what I love.  Don't get me wrong, there are a lot of not-so-fun things about my job (like filing taxes and stressing about whether a pattern is 100% perfect) but to "get" to buy fabric and design and make quilts as my job ~ well that's just a dream come true. 

On those rare occassions that my husband walks into my sewing room during the middle of the day ('cause he works from home) and he can see that I've been sewing for hours I say - with an ashamed look on my face - "I'm working" so he doesn't think I'm a complete slacker because I'm not cleaning or cooking or at a 9 to 5 boring office job that pays me lots more than I make now.  He's supportive, but just feels a little weird.

[L to R: Calli, Heather, Me, Sachiko, Amy and Erika]

So Wednesday night, I had to bail on all other responsibilities because I had a
"work-thing" I just had to go to.  Well, that work thing just happened to be a party.  At a fabric store.  Where they gave a discount.  And served cupcakes.  And gave out prizes.  A party that was designed for us to mingle with other local crafty blogger friends and that just so happened to be located across the way from Cafe Rio (a local mexican fave) and two doors down from a self-serve frozen yogurt shop.  And I may or may not have had half of a pork salad, a red velvet (mini) cupcake and cake batter fro-yo with Reeses Peanut Butter Cups on it, afterwards. (Cafe Rio, red velvet and Reeses PB Cups are three of my favorite things so don't get even me started.  We can have a whole conversation on Red Velvet.  Especially the Red Velvet Cake Cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factory.)  Anyways, I'm just saying... may or may not have

[L to R: LuLu, Natalie and Heather]

What more could a girl want, you know? 
A night out with the girls, fabric, cupcakes???

[Somehow these little guys made their way into my bag.  I mean, I paid for them, but otherwise I had nothing to do with the fact that I walked by a big table and mentioned something about a quarter and some lady cut me a generous 9 inches of each one,  handed them to me and sent me on my way!  What was I suppose to do!?!]

I really do have the best "job" in the world.