This is what happens...

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

when you live in Utah.
You go to sleep one night (with no snow on the ground)
and you can wake up the next morning
to THIS:

and THIS:

I love it.
(And the kids do too!)

Mr. Winter, I knew you would be here. 
I didn't doubt you for a minute. 
Christmas, we're ready for you!


  1. I KNOW! Down here in Nebo School District, they actually canceled school for the first time in my lifetime! Isn't all this snow just great?

  2. My parents live in SLC and told me about all of the snow you guys are getting! Enjoy your white Christmas!

  3. I'm jealous of your snow!! I've really enjoyed your recent posts. What did you use for the notebook for your teacher gifts? Merry Christmas!

  4. Oh I am so jealous!! I miss snow!

  5. It's goregous--- Even from a window sipping hot chocolate....

  6. It looks like the little ones will enjoy it! It is quite beautiful, actually.

  7. Gorgeous! We are looking forward to a 28 degree day here in Australia, it is not the same if it is not snowing.

  8. Amber, I can remember the snow in SLC when I spent there 4 days and a Thanksgiving several years ago. It was all so wonderful!!! Here in Sicily the snow is so rare, such an event! Have a very Merry Christmas, Clara.

  9. Amber, it's gorgeous and I just love the expression of joy on your kids faces. Happy Holidays!

  10. I am sort of jealous. The temp here it Texas yesterday was 73. I would love some cold weather!!

  11. The first snow is always so much fun!


  12. Oh wow! It all looks so magical! Just like a post card. :o) You must have so much fun playing in it! We received snow last year and all the town was talking about it! It was so beautiful! :o)
    Merry Christmas Amber.
    Sincerely - Trish

  13. I just noticed you are from Utah! By any chance did you ever come to the Quilt Walk in Panguitch...or happen upon my shoppe, The Scrappy Appleyard?
    I'm your latest follower!


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