And the stockings were hung...

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Can I say that?
I think I can because my friend designed 'em.
I just had to share because the only mantle we have in our house is in our master bedroom so no one ever gets to see them.  They make me happy though.
I love my stocking holders too.
I got them through Ballard Designs a few years ago.
It's a good store.
It makes me happy too. 

While browsing through their online catalog today I found some fun things! 
Isn't this bookend perfect?
And these pillows?
[Maybe there's some design inspiration there for some of you?]

And how cute is this button garland? 
Oh, and I really need one of these storage ottomans...

to go with a couple of these...

plus a couple of new couches.
[Seriously.  Ours has a HUGE hole in it.
We have to keep a quilt over it to hide the hole.]

I'm not sure how I got onto Ballard or this list of cute things because none of them are really on my Christmas list this year.  Maybe when I do my GIVEAWAY next week I'll have to have you guess what IS on my list.  [New pattern coming VERY soon = pattern & layer cake giveaway!]

Check back soon!


  1. Wow -- thanks for the peek into Ballard Designs -- some VERY cool stuff there. Love those stockings. Now you don't have to worry about no one seeing them -- WE've all seen them and they're beautiful LOL!

  2. The bookends and the button garland are so cute and so unique! Thanks for sharing Amber.

  3. I love the button garland, what a great idea!!

  4. I just love everything you showed us in this post! You have GREAT taste :)

  5. Those pillows are too cute! Love the stockings too! I can't believe you haven't found a way to get them downstairs!

  6. those scissor book ends are too cute
    and I love your dot to dot quilt in your previous post
    have a great day.
    sincerely - Trish

  7. Love the scissor ends and chair and ottoman, in fact everything you sowed us all today.

  8. Amber... you are getting me into trouble with all of that wonderful eye candy from Ballard Designs. I will have to now go and have a peak!
    I ADORE the stockings... so cute!!!

  9. I love the button garland! :) LOVE IT.

  10. Ambs, I love our stockings too. You really need to find a way to hang them downstairs so everyone can see them! And Ballard designs...I love all their stuff too. I haven't been there for a while, so I'm going to check them out right now! :) P.S. Dear Lizzie...I can't wait to see your new pattern!


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