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Saturday, October 2, 2010

I wanted to show you a few fun things I've received lately.

First, from Trish, I received these beautiful pieces of jewelry as part of a bartering thing she does.  I sent her 9 yards of fabric from my stash and she sent me these:

 [every girl needs to have a little red and aqua in her wardrobe, right?]

I love this bracelet that Trish designed with fall colors in mind.  I'm so excited to start wearing it soon.  [I especially love that little green bead right there on the bottom!]

Trish is just the sweetest, most sincere, person.  She will barter with anyone, so if you're interested, click on over to her blog and leave her a message.  I know she's been trading with some pretty cool people lately, so her stash must be getting quite large.  Go Trish!

Then, for some reason, my sweet SIL [Brittany] made me this DARLING pillow:

She said it had something to do with "thanking me for getting her a job at Just Sew" [the really rad fabric store that I work at.]  But really, I didn't get her a job.  I just got her an interview.  She got herself a job with her mad skillz and her darling self [o.k. apparently I really wanted to use the words "rad" and "mad skillz".  Excuse my weird mood.:)]  But I'm sure it's more my pleasure than hers.  It's really fun to have her there.  She is an amazing quilter/crafter/sewer girl :)  Just check out her blog ~ you'll see.

Anyways, Brittany found the adorable *FREE* stitchery pattern here

She added her own touches to make it into the most perfect pillow for my soon-to-be new sewing room.  Darling, right?  Thanks Brittany!  I loooove it!

And last but not least, I HAVE to tell you about a very sweet giveaway that my amazing little sister, Cassie, is doing right now [you know, the one that makes those darling book marks?]  It's her 3-year Blogiversary so she's doing 3 very cool giveaways [first up ~ something to make your mouth water].  Click on over here.  You won't be disappointed.

O.K., writing that made me realize how hungry I am.  Gotta go!


  1. That jewelry is so cute! Did you say 9 yards from your stash? My goodness, you have a large stash!

    Glad you like your pillow. It was fun to make for you!

    And I need to head over and see what Cassie is up to!

    See ya tonight!

  2. Dear Amber.
    I just adore my fabrics that you sent. And what a delight to find one of your patterns amongst. That was so sweet of you Amber!! My very first quilt pattern!! Thank you so much!! It was a joy trading with you and will be blogging on an upcoming Friday (my bartering post day).
    Your pillow is just precious! What a special treat!
    Sincerely - Trish

  3. Love the red and aqua in both the jewelry and the pillow, how fun to find those in the mail;)

  4. Wow, that is a darling stitchery! Thanks for the link and tell Brittany I love it!

  5. What great gifts. You sound like you have some great family also.

  6. Very fun pillow! Love the colors...I'm sure it will look great in your sewing room. The fall bracelet is especially it!

  7. Eeeek -- that little pillow is just perfect -- how cute! Love the jewelry too -- you lucky girl!


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