Doing Inventory.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

It's a good thing.

Last night I had a quilting group over at my house.  Part of the deal is for the hostess to show the ladies her sewing room, finished quilts & works in progress.  At the end of the night, I pulled out all of my quilts to do a little show and tell (most of them are still on the floor "taking a little breather" from my quilt cabinet).  Pulling them all out like this proved to me that the number of quilts I have is starting to get a little out of control :) 

I do give my quilts away from time to time but my quilt cabinet is now filled to max capacity and I have many more displayed throughout my home.  Pulling all of these quilts out has helped me to realized that it's time to part with some of them.

Also, in preparation for having the ladies over, I tried to organize my fabric, books, projects, etc. 

My fabric is now divided into piles:

1.) Fat quarters
2.) 1/8 yd. cuts
3.) 1/4 yd. cuts
4.) 1/3 - 7/8 yd. cuts
5.) 1 yd. or more cuts

Now I can see exactly what I have to work with!

Anything smaller than an 1/8 yard goes into one of these glass jars.

I've got my works in progress stored in clear boxes (AT EYE LEVEL) so I can try to focus on them.  I should try to finish the WIP's that are stored in the smaller boxes, because I really don't think they will take that long.  Why is it that they become old news and it's so hard to get back to finishing them?!?

 Here is my snowball quilt waiting to be quilted.  As you can see, it's all ready to go; green minky, batting and quilt top.  I just need to make quilting it a priority!  There are also three more small projects on hangers, waiting for me to get to them.  

Everything is visible so there should be no more excuses! 

Doing inventory has helped me to see what I've got going on.  I found a few projects that I had forgotten about.  I ended up getting rid of a few left over blocks from a quilt that I knew I would never use, an embroidery pattern that I had traced onto the wrong side of some fabric (whoops!),  fabric scraps that were really odd shaped that I knew I could part with.

It feels good to clear out.  No need to get bogged down with things that aren't inspiring, that are just weighing you down with a big, long to-do list. 

So, what about you?
Have you taken inventory in your sewing room, lately?