Doing Inventory.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

It's a good thing.

Last night I had a quilting group over at my house.  Part of the deal is for the hostess to show the ladies her sewing room, finished quilts & works in progress.  At the end of the night, I pulled out all of my quilts to do a little show and tell (most of them are still on the floor "taking a little breather" from my quilt cabinet).  Pulling them all out like this proved to me that the number of quilts I have is starting to get a little out of control :) 

I do give my quilts away from time to time but my quilt cabinet is now filled to max capacity and I have many more displayed throughout my home.  Pulling all of these quilts out has helped me to realized that it's time to part with some of them.

Also, in preparation for having the ladies over, I tried to organize my fabric, books, projects, etc. 

My fabric is now divided into piles:

1.) Fat quarters
2.) 1/8 yd. cuts
3.) 1/4 yd. cuts
4.) 1/3 - 7/8 yd. cuts
5.) 1 yd. or more cuts

Now I can see exactly what I have to work with!

Anything smaller than an 1/8 yard goes into one of these glass jars.

I've got my works in progress stored in clear boxes (AT EYE LEVEL) so I can try to focus on them.  I should try to finish the WIP's that are stored in the smaller boxes, because I really don't think they will take that long.  Why is it that they become old news and it's so hard to get back to finishing them?!?

 Here is my snowball quilt waiting to be quilted.  As you can see, it's all ready to go; green minky, batting and quilt top.  I just need to make quilting it a priority!  There are also three more small projects on hangers, waiting for me to get to them.  

Everything is visible so there should be no more excuses! 

Doing inventory has helped me to see what I've got going on.  I found a few projects that I had forgotten about.  I ended up getting rid of a few left over blocks from a quilt that I knew I would never use, an embroidery pattern that I had traced onto the wrong side of some fabric (whoops!),  fabric scraps that were really odd shaped that I knew I could part with.

It feels good to clear out.  No need to get bogged down with things that aren't inspiring, that are just weighing you down with a big, long to-do list. 

So, what about you?
Have you taken inventory in your sewing room, lately?


  1. no I have not but i am going to move soon so it will happen soon enough. your sewing room is wonderful.

  2. Amber, a very good question...Have you taken inventory in your sewing room, lately?
    Nope, because I don't have a sewing room...It is just kind of scattered everywhere in boxes and tubs and piled on my sewing table. BUT...hubby told me Monday that we are going to turn the large extra room downstairs into a really nice sewing room for me so that even with my health issues, I will be in a comfortable sewing environment. He has arranged for a carpenter to come over tomorrow to talk about building a huge cutting/work table built to just the right height for me. Shelves, cabinets to organize ALL my stuff and storage space to organize my WIP's and PIW's (Projects in waiting...that haven't been started yet). I am excited beyond words. Here I am, a 60 year old woman walking around looking like a little girl that just got her first baby doll...LOL! I know it will take a few weeks for it all to be ready to settle into but I have waited this long, what's a few more weeks? That gives me time to start organizing what I can and best of all...look for some new fun things to decorate the room with to make it my very own space!!! So, in answer to your question...soon, very, very soon!!! Maybe one of these days I will have some extra quilts made to just fold and decorate the house with. Now that I will have a perfect space to work in...(woooo hooooo) Hugs....

  3. Sigh!!!! I should take an inventory, but oh what a job that would be!!!

  4. I do envy people who are organized. My sewing room looks like a tornado went through it.My quilting buddies decided we would have a contest to see who could finish the most UFOs this year and that helped a little but I sure have a long way to go. Perhaps I need to quit buying for a while (Ya think?)

  5. I think it would be fun to be in a quilt group. I think it would be great to get inspiration from others. I am happy that I have found so many sites like yours that fills the gap. I am happy that the inspiration is flowing in. I think it might be time for me to take an inventory. Have a great night.

  6. Funny I would read your blog today. Earlier today I went into my sewing room to find thread to repair a hem. As I riffled through several bins and baskets for just the right color, I kept thinking I need to get organized and inventory what I have before the next quilt show. I have attempted to do this before but found that when it comes to this task, I have no ability to focus. I will find a WIP that just needs a little something and then it will be finished. So, what I have not been able to do over the 2 or more years that particular WIP has lived in that basket, I finally finish IT! A friend and I signed-up for a retreat in February. I have made a promise to myself to find all of those great patterns and fabrics I bought to make the purses, bags and book covers and only work on the 1-2 I believe I can finish in the 2 day retreat. Thank you for the inspiration. I am going to inventory my sewing room....someday. :)

  7. Nope, no formal inventory but it's all organized and I know what I have going on. So...that almost counts, right?!

  8. I don't dare take inventory. I started counting fat quarters one day, figured out how much I had spent on the ones I had counted, and then immediately stopped. I was scaring myself!

  9. Oh wow...what a display of fabrics, looks great!!!

  10. No inventory here but I do have a system for keeping the fabric I have purchased organized. Its not as pretty or orderly as your but it is a start;)

  11. I have done a kind of inventory on my fbaric and projects. I need to get evrything all in one spot. It is amazing how much stuff I had after I could see it all at once. I have a few things left to finish to get it all straight. Thank you for this post, it is nice to see I am not the only one in this boat, LOL!

  12. Oh wow a clean sewing looks great.
    And the holidays are coming up and look at all those quilts you have already done that are ready to give away!
    And if there are some quilts you are sick of looking at or they are just taking up room remember the needy this Holiday season and donate a quilt. They all look lovely!

    Happy Sewing

  13. Man, there's no way I could be in your group -- no one is going to see my messy dungeon. Boy, oh boy, does it ever need a clean-out. I think it's going to get one here real soon too -- not exactly the ideal time of year either. ;-) Congratulations to you on your big clean-out!

  14. Gorgeous! I'm not nearly that organized but I'm working on it. My quilt guild is coming the first Wednesday in November. If I say it like that it doesn't sound like week after next! blessings, marlene

  15. I just found your blog today and I'm so glad I did. You've inspired me to go clean out my sewing room! (Incidently, I was searching for jamberry nails and found your site that way!)

  16. You are killing me! Holy schnikey's girl! I can't get over the awesomeness that is your sewing room! I love it. I think I would just sit in there and stare at everything instead of actually accomplishing something! You would be impressed that I have taken to sewing a little bit! I can totally see how you would get into this! Maybe I will need a beginner's tutorial sometime. As if I need more projects to work on... Amber, you're awesome. I'm sure you're well aware. Miss you! :)

  17. Where did you find those plastic storage boxes? They look like a great organizer and you can see into each one. Thanks.


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