Startin' them young.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

A while ago I heard a great idea (Lori Holt, did I hear this from you?) I heard somebody say that every time she and her daughter went to a fabric store, she let her daughter pick out a fat quarter.  After they got enough, they made up a quilt, using all of the fabrics her daughter had picked out as a little girl.  I liked that idea, so I decided to start doing that with my little girl. 

Now.  I work at Just Sew.
(a fabulous little quilting shop that helps to feed my addiction.) 
Frequently, I stop in there on my days off to pick up this or that for my personal projects.  Frequently, I have my little sidekick with me. 
Once in a while, I have to tell her that since we go into Just Sew so much, we can only get fat quarters when we go to other fabric stores (because we've already racked up quite the slew of fat quarters for this little girl in just a few short months!)

Well, yesterday she was on the verge of a meltdown because I would not get her a fat quarter when we stopped into my work for about 5 seconds (I know. I'm so mean, right?)  Well, anyways, aside from her love of FQ's, she has also taken up a great fascination with how we fold our fat quarters.  Last night she was begging me over and over to show her how to do it.

She's getting pretty good, eh? :)

Well, this brings me to my next point.  For those of you out there that want to start quilting but think it's too expensive of a hobby; try this on for size - try buying your fabric a little here and and a little there.  At Just Sew fat quarters are $2.75.  If you gave yourself a budget of $11 every month to spend on fabric you could get 4 FQ's or 1 yard of regular priced fabric.  After 4 or 5 months, you would have enough fabric to make yourself the top of a twin size quilt!  It's all about collecting, my friends.  You should try it.  It's fun.