Seriously. It. Was. Awesome.

Friday, September 10, 2010

I wish I could do that every day.  Yesterday was so great.

Lori Holt is seriously the master. 

There was a few moments yesterday, at the class, where I honestly felt a little overwhelmed, but once I got going it was the kind of thing that made me want to jump up and down.  Really.  Like I was trying not to.  I was so excited about my new applique skills that I stayed up till 1 this morning just plugging away at my "Count Your Blessings" block.

(This is what I got done last night.)

Anyways, I couldn't find anyone to go with me to the class, so I went solo. 
Everyone was so nice.  I did get to meet some new people in the quilting world and I had a blast with my new friend, Rae Ann (from Stash Manicure).
And Kayleen was there!  She's the "Long arm Master"!
And Lori.  I wish I could have got some pictures of my one-on-one time with Lori, because believe me - I jumped at the chance to get some pointers from her.  She was so great to sit right beside me, watching my method and showing me an easier, better way.  "It's like sweeping under the couch" she would say!
If you don't know Lori, you should know that everything she owns, is darling and everything she touches, turns to gold.  Look ~ isn't this the cutest little sewing box you have ever seen?!?
And her pincushions ~ so cute!  And the basket, and the tag (which are holding her NEW Paper Dolls pattern, which she just released!!) ~ so cute!  And her vintage sheet/tablecloth ~ so cute!
Before we left, we were able to watch a quick, quick, trunk show of Lori's.  Notice all of the details...
I love the nails in the "How to Build a Scarecrow" quilt above.  Everything looks so real.  I can tell you that if I tried to design those overalls or that plaid shirt, it would be scary!!

Isn't the border on this "Thanksgiving Dinner" quilt so pretty?!?  She's got every detail you could think of (when it comes to Thanksgiving dinner) on this quilt.
Here's her "Cottage Garden" quilt.  I LOVE the little geraniums in the middle.  They're just darling.  And again, if I tried to design some fabric geraniums...well, you just wouldn't know they were geraniums.
And, I think this just might be my favorite.  Love the pincushion.  Love the SINGER sewing machine with chain piecing on it.  Love the tape measure, the rotary cutter, even the plugs look so real.  The fat quarter bundle, the embroidery hoop and the "pieced border."  Just perfect, Lori.  Absolutely perfect! :)

So, as you can see, yesterday was simply a blast.  Thanks Lori for being willing to teach one more time for us...I knew I couldn't pass up an applique lesson from you and I'm so glad I didn't!