Learning from the Master

Friday, September 3, 2010

Do you know Lori Holt, creator of Bee In My Bonnet quilt patterns?  If you love vintage, applique & embroidery then of course you do!?!  She's an amazing local quilt designer that designs those crazy appliqued quilts that you've probably seen around ~ like the Apron Club quilt, the Comforts of Home quilt and her Paper Doll quilt (just a few of my favorites).  Seriously, click on the links.  They're CRAZY good! 

Well, I'm really excited because I'm taking a class from her in a couple of weeks! 

We'll be making this little baby:

Really, how cute is that!?! 

I'm excited to meet Lori (one of my new bloggy friends) and glean from her expertise.  I hear her method of applique is "easy peasy!"  A chance in a lifetime...I couldn't pass it up!