Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Receiving an email from Sharon made me smile.
She sent me pictures of this Candy Hearts quilt she made:

Isn't it fun?  She said it came together in just a few hours and she's working on another one [queen size!]  You go girl!

She even put the recipient's name on the back.  I love it! 

Both of the Candy Hearts quilts that Sharon made/is making are gifts for special people in her life; a business partner who just adopted a new baby and a niece who has autism.  Sharon is a very generous woman!  I'm sure these quilts will be well loved.

As a thank you for sharing this Gigi's Thimble project with us, Sharon will be receiving my next pattern [due out in a few weeks].  So, that means that the next person to send me pictures of their Gigi's Thimble project will also be a shoe-in to receive my next pattern for free ~ as promised!

The Candy Hearts tutorial can be found here.

Just a sidenote: I've been quilting like crazy this week.  I'm trying to wrap up some works in progress.  Can't show pictures ~ my camera is at Scout Camp :)  I'll show some next week.  It's 7 p.m. now.  I don't have a clue what I'm making for dinner.  Gotta run.  Bye!