Wednesday, June 9, 2010

So.  We were inspired. 

My SIL and I were inspired by this cute, cute quilt over at Cluck, Cluck, Sew .  We decided we needed one for ourselves.  We swapped some fabrics, manicured our stashes and whipped up some ziggy fun.

This baby quilt is actually going to a sweet, little bundle of joy that will be arriving in our family very soon. My SIL is making a twin size zig zag quilt for her son's bed and I'm working on one more (throw size) to be used for snuggle time around here.

This simple pattern is great for using up scraps.  And, to add a little bit of "freshness" to my stash, my SIL (Brittany) and I swapped some fabrics.  It was great!  The binding was left over from my Sugar and Spice [Americana Style] quilt and the backing...well, the backing was not something I would normally pick, but it grew on me.  It had all the right colors and what could be better for a little boy than turtles and snails ? 

The thing I liked the most about making this quilt is how fast it was to quilt.  I think I got it all sandwiched together and quilted in about an hour!

This was a very different type of quilt for me.  Ultra mod.  Very graphic.  I think it goes to show that with cute fabrics and great colors; a simple quilt can still be a beautiful quilt.  Thanks Allison for the inspiration!