Front Porch Blooms Quilt

Monday, January 4, 2010

Well.  It's done.  Fresh out of the dryer.  All soft and snuggly.  And really wrinkly.  THAT is a really good sign. 

I got a call Saturday afternoon from my quilter saying that my Fig Tree quilt was FINALLY done.  I asked her if she loved it and she said, "Well, it's not like the picture you gave me, but I absolutely love it!"  I had given her a picture from the book I got this pattern from and asked her to do it exactly like the picture.  I guess it wasn't working out so good [she had to unpick twice], so she ended up making an executive decision and did it a completely different way.  My husband kind of got me psyched out when I told him what she said.  I was so worried the whole 15 minute drive over to her house.  I thought FOR SURE I would not be happy [I am very picky].  I was getting prepared to have some "words" about how she didn't do what I specifically asked her to do, but I was so shocked when I saw it!  It was absolutely beautiful - tight quilting, beautiful scroll work, everything.  It took me a few minutes to take it all in.  I was so relieved that I gave her a big hug!  When I walked into my house a little while later everyone saw my big smile and knew that all was well.


I knew I wanted a really amazing quilting design that would make the back be just as beautiful as the front.  That's why I opted for a basic cream solid for the backing.  It really shows off the quilting. 

I chose this green/cream polka dot by Fig Tree for the binding - it wasn't too dark but still had some contrast.

I've always loved Joana's designs and fabrics, but this is the first quilt that I've done using them.  I think it turned out really sweet and so I'm a little sad that it will be at Just Sew for a while [Kits are available there & they do ship if you're interested?!?].

Also, I am happy to inform some of you that I am back in the saddle as far as printing my patterns goes.  Over the last couple of months I have run into some problems with my cover sheets.  It was so frustrating that I started thinking that maybe it wasn't worth it so I had sort of mentally gave up.  I think with this first Monday of the New Year I am feeling recharged.  I sent some newly edited pictures to the printer and if they aren't light enough then they will just have to fix them for me.  Either way, I am hoping to print them with my next pay check so look for some giveaways in the next couple of weeks.  [I am kind of embarrassed to even say that again, because I know I have been saying that for forever, but I really think this is it!]