Cinnamon Stars Quilt

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Good-bye Peppermint Fancy.  Hello Cinnamon Stars.  After putting away some Christmas decorations today I decided to pull out this old thing and hang it behind my couch.  It's about 5 years old.  I don't think I had it on my list of finished quilts so I thought I'd give it a post of it's very own. 

A scrappy saw-tooth border:

I picked out some of the rusty reds, blacks and the background fabric many years ago, while shopping with my Grandma at Quilts, etc.  Then I decided to throw in some other colors to make kind of a fall-ish type quilt.  Although it's not fall right now, it still kind of works with the colors in my house. 

I think "Cinnamon Stars" is the original name of this quilt, but I'm not sure who the designer is.  The quilt measures about 48x65.


  1. This is a beautiful Quilt...I am sure it will be lovely hung behind your couch :)

  2. It's gorgeous! I love the sawtooth border with the stars! I'm glad this quilt finally got it's moment in the spotlight!

  3. It's really pretty, Amber! I like the subtle background. Great use of color with the stars. The sawtooth border is a perfect choice. I'm glad you shared it.

  4. These stars deserve their own posting, no matter how old they are. I really like background you chose, and the neat sawtooth border. Thanks for sharing!


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