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Friday, January 22, 2010

This is way past due, but look what the owners of Just Sew gave me for Christmas!  A travel iron & pad!  I finally broke it open a few days ago and have been so thrilled with both of them!  They had these beautiful pads quilted and then bound each of them by hand for all of the employees.  I know that must have taken a lot of time, and so - a big thanks Linda & Alice! :)

Some of you that have been following me, know that I don't really have a "craft room" per say.  I fixed up my tiny laundry room so that it would be bearable to sew in there.  But, it's really tight.  And it's really cold, because the floor is tile.  And basically I just need a little entertainment when I'm sewing away, so sometimes I move down to my kitchen table so that I can be in the "mix" of things.  Well, are any of you like me that have a really ugly ironing board that had brown stains all over it (I'm guessing from starch?)  Well.  They're big and mine's ugly.  So I was really loving to iron (in style) with my new gear.  Now I just need to actually "travel" to get the full effect (do I sense a quilting retreat coming on?  I wish!)

Anyways, I love the fabric line they used to make the ironing pads. Rouenneries by French General is so gorgeous, I think!  Speaking of Rouenneries, check out this little number that my sweet Sister-in-law made recently.  Isn't it beautiful?  It's the Madeline pattern by Fig Tree. 

(Doesn't my nephew look thrilled to be holding up the quilt? My husband would be the same way! :) 

Anyways, I had to post the picture of this wall hanging she made for her craft room.  Isn't it beautiful?  Seriously, I think that was her first time appliqueing.  She's awesome.  You should check out her blog for some crafty goodness.  Right now she's got the cutest little dresden plate posted that you ever did see! 

Well, I just had to take a picture of the progress of this quilt, because I am really loving the softness of these fabrics! 

All of these rows are pieced together now, but finishing the rest of it will be on hold for a little while because I need to get some ric rac to match and probably some fabric for the outer border.  It was a good feeling to get the inside of this top done though, just using stuff I had in my stash.  Slowly, but surely I am going to get these projects done.  PLUS, I have a few more I want to start.  I've been so excited about them that I haven't been sleeping well this week.  A few of my own ideas...mmm.  So excited.  Maybe these will be the next three patterns...

O.K.  I'll shut up.  I'm off to sew.  Bye.


  1. You're such a good inspiration for me to start venturing into the "softer" look in quilting. Love the feeling of this last pictured quilt.

  2. That ironing pad is perfect for pressing blocks on the kitchen table. LOVE the colors you chose for your quilt in progress - can't wait to see it finished. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog - you have a beautiful space here.

  3. Your wild thing top is going to be great. Good job on your other pull-ins. I've said before, staying in one fabric line would prove too costly for my budget (unless someone else was paying for it, LOL!).

  4. I adore Rouenneries too. I've done several projects with it.
    Your Windmills are looking so soft and snuggly, perfect!

  5. Your Wild Thing is turning out great! It was so nice to be able to sew with you and get to know you the other night! I finished my binding on my quilt yesterday! Yeah!! I got something done!! :)

  6. Love your new blog look:) Your quilt top is just fantastic! I think a travel Iron and pads would be a lot of fun! Oh and what is your Sis-in-Laws blog address?

  7. SLOWLY but SURELY you're getting your projects done? What are you talking about...every day there's a new post with progress being made. I'd say that's pretty fast! I only wish I could get things done like you. I think I'm just lazy. You're always an inspiration!

  8. The Wild Things quilt is so pretty. I like your new header too!

  9. Hey Amber, I LOVE that iron pad - what a great idea...does it just have the timtex (same stuff for oven mitts) inside? Adorable!
    Love the iron also, I'm sure it works awesome

  10. Sew cute Amber! :) You still inspire me to want to quilt--maybe one day.

  11. Sew cute Amber! You still inspire me to want to quilt. Maybe one day!

  12. Your quilt is looking wonderful. Everything works SO well together!

    I just purchased the same iron and I love it. It gets super hot!

  13. Love the iron pad and its so pretty in the French General fabric! What a treat! The whirlygigys look great! Those colors are going to be excellent.

  14. Great little travel iron and pad. Love the French General fabric too.
    The Madeline pattern looks great done in it. Great for sewing room.
    Wow! Another quilt top. You sure do accomplish a lot.
    Love seeing your projects.

  15. Just sew is where you got the ironing pad from, are these available for purchase?
    Thanks so much,


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