Feels Like Home Fabric and Patterns

Tuesday, May 7, 2024

 Well, I think I am overdue for a little announcement on here...
I have a new fabric collection coming out with Riley Blake Designs and it's shipping to stores any day now!  I have talked a lot about it on Facebook and Instagram but if you're hearing about this for the first time, I apologize!  It's something that's been in the works for over a year so to say "I'm excited" is an understatement!  So without further ado, I'd like to introduce...

The prints in Feels Like Home were inspired by peaceful walks through my beautiful hometown of Alpine, Utah, hikes in the nearby majestic Wasatch mountains, and my home - my favorite place to be!  I tried to make this collection have a cozy, curated, scrappy feel.  I hope the prints and colors will feel right at home in your home like they do in mine!

The collection includes 14 vibrant prints and 10 low-volume prints.
PLUS, one cheater print that I haven't shared yet!  Any guesses on what kind of cheater print it might be?  Stay tuned, I will share more info on that soon!

I had so much fun naming the prints.
For instance, "Alpine Meadow" was named after my city and the meadows on some of my favorite hikes.  "Peonies" are my favorite flower and I finally planted some in my yard a few years ago.  "Albion Basin" is a beautiful hiking area in a nearby canyon.  "Scrub Oak" is a native tree here in Alpine - I have so many in my yard!  "Around the Block" is a geometric print that reminds me of the awesome neighbors I've had for over 20 years!   

There are 14 different prints in total; each one comes in 2 different colors ways (plus the cheater print).  So this is a very scrappy collection!  Fat Quarter bundles, 1-yard bundles, 2-1/2" Rolie Polie's, 5-inch Stackers, and 10-inch Stackers are available!  Here is a list of stores carrying the whole collection (they should be receiving it in the next week or so!):

Handmade is Heartmade
Cute Little Bugs
Corn Wagon Quilt Co
Quilt Etc
The Quilter's Block, LLC
Fabric Mill Orem
Pine Needles - Gardner Village
Checker Notions Company Inc
The Quilter's Crossing - UT
Dianne’s Quilted Square
Stitchers Garden LLC
A Clean Stitch INC
Mended Hearts Quilting & Boutique
Checker Notions Company Inc
A Quilters Oasis
Checker Notions Company Inc
Sew Yeah Quilt

There will also be stores carrying individual/random bolts, but I don't have a list of those stores, unfortunately.  But you can google "Feels Like Home Fabric" (and the name of the print if you know it).

I've also designed 4 patterns to go along with Feels Like Home:

Star Tiles, Welcome Wreath, and Feels Like Home are now available in my Etsy shop.
Click HERE to check them out.  And just a heads up, I will be hosting a quilt along for the pattern, Feels Like Home this summer!  I'm so excited; this is the only one of these patterns that I haven't made yet.  Stay tuned for more details (I hope you'll join me!!)  You can sign up for my newsletter HERE to stay in the know, and receive freebies, coupon codes, and even recipes!

The 4th pattern that I designed to go along with this collection is a free pattern that will be available on the Riley Blake Designs website soon!  It's called Family Ties.  It requires a 5" Stacker, a 10" Stacker and it's a really quick make!

I know this will be one of my go-to patterns when I need a quick, yet really cute quilt!

To see the samples I made of Star Tiles, Welcome Wreath, and Family Ties check out THIS blog post.  
Lots of details and photos are there for you to enjoy.

I'd love to hear what you think about Feels Like Home.  And, I can't wait to see what you make with it!
Please, please tag me on Instagram (@gigis_thimble) if you get some of the fabric or make something with it.  I know it will make my day!

Thanks for stopping by today!
Happy quilting!


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