Chris' Christmas Quilt

Monday, December 4, 2023

 Hello, hello!
I recently had the pleasure of making
a Christmas quilt for a friend.  She was looking 
for a quilt in dark colors that would really pop 
against her white shiplap walls.  After seeing her space
(so I could get a sense of her style) and discussing
a few ideas, I came home and pulled these fabrics.

I decided to go with mostly red, green, and black fabrics with little pops of gold, white, and brown.

We discussed just making stars - which would be really easy to accommodate the unique size she wanted the quilt to be.  She has a wall right by her front door that needed a little something she wanted the quilt to be about 42" x 72".

While making this quilt, I laid out sets of fabric for each block - a row or two at a time - so I could make sure the colors were spread out and balanced.  It was also important to me to have contrast between each block so that each one stood out and didn't get "lost" in the scrappiness of this quilt.

My friend, Jen Ostler (@drycreekquilter on Instagram) quilted it for me with some classic crosshatch quilting.  My friend's style is transistional so I figured she wouldn't want anything too cutesy.  I think the crosshatching compliments the diagonal lines of the star points really well.

As many of you know, Jen always quilts a little hidden object into the quilting.  It makes for a fun game of hide and seek. Great for kids!  Can you find the star in the picture above?

I found this pretty olive green woven fabric for the back and I had the red stripe binding fabric for another quilt but ended up liking it more for this quilt!

It was so fun to work on the binding while it snowed outside!

I watched Christmas movies and felt extra festive and cozy while binding it!

I used my Sawtooth Star Cutting Chart to make 7" stars and did a 6 x 10 layout (so 60 blocks total).
Click HERE for the cutting chart and tutorial.

I hope my friend likes it!  She didn't really want to be involved in the process.  (I think she was being nice and letting me "do my thing" but she also said she would get overwhelmed if she had to pick out the fabrics - even though she has really great taste!)

I don't usually do commission quilts but this was really fun for me to do.  I loved seeing my friend's home and Christmas decor and trying to make something that would fit in perfectly there.  I really hope
this is what she envisioned!

Now it's time to deliver it!  So fun!

Happy holidays my friends!


  1. You did a beautiful job of this! It is absolutely gorgeous, Amber!

  2. The quilt turned out very pretty! I really like it, happy stitching!

  3. How pretty and what a lucky friend to get such a personal quilt! It will look perfect on her wall!

  4. Your quilt looks so fun in the snow, plus really cozy in the house. I'm sure she would love it!

  5. Your friend will love it! You've done a wonderful job!

  6. Such a great quilt… and with a holiday color feel, but not in your face Christmas. I bet your friend I’ll love it!


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