Scrap Happy Quilt Tutorial

Thursday, September 14, 2023

 This next project I want to share with you is such a great scrapbuster!
I saw a quilt like it at my friend's mother's house and knew it would be such a fun project 
so I just had to make one too!

Here's a brief description of how to make this beginner-friendly quilt:

1. Gather a bunch of 4-1/2" wide scraps (they can be any length you want). 
I cut mine anywhere from 1-1/2" to about 5-6" in length.

2. Sew them into one long strip.  Press the seam allowances open.  

3. Cut that strip into 4-1/2" segments.   
Some of the fabrics will be wide and some will be narrow strips.  
You're not supposed to worry if they're really narrow - that's what
makes this pattern charming.  (I would adjust my ruler to avoid
having a piece that was smaller than 3/4" though).

4. Lay out the blocks, rotating every other one so the strips alternate directions.  

5. Sew the segments into rows.  Press the seams in one direction, 
alternating the direction with each row.  

6. Sew the rows together and press all the seams in one direction.

You can make this quilt any size you want.
I made mine pretty big to use up a bunch of fabrics from my stash.
I did an 18 x 21 layout (378 segments) so my quilt
finished at 72" x 84".  That means I needed a 4-1/2" wide 
strip of scraps about 48 YARDS long!!!

I had my friend, Jen Ostler in Highland, Utah quilt it for me
with a new-to-me panto called Spring.  It's made up of
circle and petal shapes.  Do you see the little bee Jen added in, just for fun?!?
She always hides a little object in the quilting for a fun game
of hide-and-seek.

I had the white and purple polka-dot fabric in my stash 
(but didn't have quite enough so I added in a strip of the mint green fabric
to make my back long enough).  Then I bound the quilt in the aqua floral fabric
from my fabric line, Treasured Threads by Poppie Cotton.  The specific name 
for that fabric is Double Crochet in the color Teal.

This project was really easy and really fun!
I highly suggest doing it if you have a lot of scraps!

This quilt is for sale.  Click HERE to check it out.
I have a few other quilts listed for sale as well!
Feel free to pass along this info to anyone you know who loves handmade quilts.
I would appreciate the shares!

Thanks for stopping by today!
Happy quilting!


  1. WOW! This is the perfect quilt for any and all scraps, and certainly good for a beginner. A quilting friend works with her grandaughter's high school sewing club. I am going to share this blog post with her so that the club members can create some wonderful quilty projects.
    Thank you for sharing
    Sunshine and Smiles,

  2. This is such a sweet quilt. I love the colors and the scrappiness of it. The cute bee is adorable in it as is everything else. I’m so glad I found it through Sherri’s blog.

    1. Oh I'm curious which blog that was. Do you remember? Thanks for your kind words.

  3. This is beautiful! Thank you for the great tutorial!

  4. So pretty and great way to use scraps up. I love it!


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