Scrappy Pink Irish Chain Quilt

Saturday, January 28, 2023

Today I am finally sharing my scrappy pink Irish Chain quilt that
I started in December 2021.  I finished it shortly
thereafter but just recently got some pictures of it!

But first (before I share the details of this quilt),
thanks to all of you that watched my LIVE Thursday Trunk Show
that I did on Instagram this past week and that wanted to see more
of this quilt!  Several of you reached out and gave me just the
motivation I needed to get this quilt photographed and blogged.

FYI:  I do Thursday Trunk Shows once in a while.
It's something fun I came up with to share
5-10 quilts within a certain theme.  It's a fun way for me
to connect with my Instagram followers, show who
is behind all the little squares, get outside of my comfort zone,
and hopefully, inspire and teach a few things I've learned
from my 24 years of quilting experience.  I usually announce them
in my Instagram stories a day or two beforehand.
You can follow me @gigis_thimble if you're not already.

So let's start back at the beginning...  

In August 2018, Janine of @happyhappynester shared the
gorgeous photo above on her Instagram feed.  I was immediately smitten and 
saved the photo.  (By the way, Janine's whole IG feed is lovely and I have been 
following her for a long time.  She is very sweet and gave me permission to share her photo.)
About a year later I was feeling like I "needed more pink in my life" 
and came back to that photo as the inspiration for a quilt color palette!

I just wanted a simple project so I went with the classic 9-Patch block.
I paired them with 6-1/2" low-volume squares
to create an Irish Chain.  My quilt finished at 66-1/2" x 78-1/2".
Click HERE for a simple PDF for this pattern.

This sweet color palette definitely cheered up my
sewing room during those winter months!

I had some of that sweet pink and white daisy fabric in my stash
(but not enough so I ended up ordering a bit more) to use for the backing.  
It's called Flower Glory Morning - Wonderful Things by Bonnie Christine 
for Art Gallery Fabrics.  It reminds me of a vintage sheet!  I love it!

I also had this pink herringbone fabric in my stash
that I used for the binding.  Sorry, I can't remember what it's called!

My quilter, Jen Ostler, used the Interlocking Orange Peel
pantograph by Karlee Porter for the quilting.
It's one of my favorite all-over designs and I've used it many times!

This quilt was so fun to make.
Partly, because - mindless sewing for the win!
And partly because I got to pull out all of my really girly
low-volume prints.  If you're on Instagram,
I shared a reel this week where I scanned over all the fabrics
so you can check that out if you want to see more.
They're so whimsical.  It was the type of thing where I'd 
pull one out of my stash and say, "Oh, I love this one...
and this one...and this one!"

I wanted it to be mostly pink with little hints
of green, orange, and yellow - so I spaced out those accent colors
sporadically through my 9-Patches.  One thing I've learned
over the years is that colors don't always have to be in equal amounts.
That's what makes a quilt unique and interesting sometimes.

So that's it.  I am very happy I pulled this out
for the Thursday Trunk Show the other day so I could be
reminded of just how much I love this very simple,
very scrappy Irish Chain quilt!  I would be happy to make
more of these in the future.  

If you feel inspired and decide to make one
and share it on Instagram, please tag me @gigis_thimble.

Again, here's the Scrappy Irish Chain PDF
and thanks for stopping by today! 


  1. Thank you so much Amber for blogging about this lovely quilt! The low volume 6.5" squares really add interest to the Irish Chain blocks! I think it would keep it interesting to sew, as well! (I'm easily bored!) ☺️ I enjoyed this so very much! Warmly, Pris

    1. Thank you! It was fun picking out the low volumes for those bigger squares!

  2. This is such a lovely quilt! Your color choice and play is unique and beautiful. I’m fascinated by your use of creams and white for the white space. It gives the quilt a soft, intriguing, vintage feel. So inspiring!

    1. Thank you so much! Yes, I'm always mixing the two colors (cream and white).

  3. Very pretty quilt. Such a soft touch. My version of pink love was always fuchsia nothing soft like this. Lol

    1. Isn't it amazing all the different shades of one color. That's what I love about quilting; the possibilities are endless!

  4. Your quilt is so lovely, so gentle and kind looking! Thank you for sharing with us, happy stitching!

  5. I think this is just the inspiration I need to make a blue and white scrap quilt I've had bubbling in my head for a while! Thank you! XO

    1. I would love to make a blue and white one! Best of luck with yours!

  6. Love your pink very pretty. Thank you for sharing your expertise and giving me inspiration!!

  7. This is a beautiful quilt! My next project needs to be scrappy, I may decide to use your pattern. It is so vintage looking. I love it!

  8. Wow, i‘m so in love with this Quilt. Sadly, i never found the beautiful fabrics to make such amazing Quilts😞. So i still hope, someone will someday sell one 🤪.

  9. Hello, your quilt is lovely. I’ve never made one, but looking foreward for my first one. Can you tell me the size I have to cut the fabric for the big and small squares ?

    1. Hi there and thanks for your kind words. All the details are listed in the free PDF I shared in this blog post. Happy quilting!

    2. Your quilt is lovely! It’s exactly what I’ve been wanting to do, in soft shades of greens and blues as a nod to my Irish heritage. Think I’ll pull out the rotary cutter today and start cutting some squares! Thanks for the inspiration! 🤗

    3. Oooh that sounds lovely. Blue and green - such a great color combo. Have fun!

    4. That is such a gorgeous quilt. I love Irish Chain quilts and your color palette is stunning.


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