Quilt the Rainbow 2023 Challenge

Wednesday, December 28, 2022

Today I have a fun announcement to make!
In 2023 I will be hosting a
Quilt the Rainbow Challenge on Instagram!

I hope this will be a win-win situation for both of us!
I'm dying to see your versions of the patterns from my book, Quilt the Rainbow
and this will provide good motivation for you to whittle down your stash
and make some cute quilts!

Here's how the challenge will work:

First, you will need my book, Quilt the Rainbow.
If you don't already own it, I have autographed copies in my ETSY SHOP.  
And for the next two weeks, I have a 20% discount code for the book.
Just use code "2023CHALLENGE" at checkout.

Next, use any of the patterns from Quilt the Rainbow
 to make a quilt top.  It doesn't matter what size you make or what colors you use. 
Most of the patterns are easily customizable.  I can't wait to see your version!

You can make them in just one color of the rainbow
or in multiple colors (like the cover quilt)!

After you make a quilt top, post a picture of it on Instagram
and be sure to tag me @gigis_thimble with the hashtag

At the end of each quarter
(March 31st, June 30th, September 30th, and December 31st)
I will hand-select a winner from the hashtag pool that posted during that quarter 
and will announce the winner on Instagram the following day.

**Each unique finished quilt top (or finished quilt) posted on Instagram 
during each quarter of 2023, using one of the patterns from Quilt the Rainbow 
with the hashtag #quilttherainbowchallenge is an entry.** 

* It doesn't matter when the quilt top was made 
as long as it is a pattern from Quilt the Rainbow. 
* You can repost projects in each subsequent quarter
as long as they weren't chosen as a winner in a previous quarter.
* You can enter as many times as you'd like each quarter 
but each entry has to be a different project.  

(In no particular order):
- 21 Country Confetti Fat Quarters from Poppie Cotton.
- Long-arm quilting by Susan of The Felted Pear.
(Must be a Quilt the Rainbow quilt in the listed pattern size or smaller.
Includes edge-to-edge quilting at medium density.  The quilt maker
needs to cover the shipping and batting charges and the quilt must be mailed
to Susan within 6 months of the announcement.)
- A $125 gift card to Scout Cloth.
(Creative studio-inspired apparel.)
- Gift bundle from Crimson Confection
- 18 Art Gallery Fat Quarters in Rainbow Colors
from Wild Blooms Quilt Co.
- Quilt pattern and ruler from Sew Mariana

There are so many great prizes!
Thanks to everyone who donated!!!

That's it!  Easy peasy!
Use Quilt the Rainbow patterns to make quilts
and get the opportunity to win some amazing prizes!
Leave a comment below if you plan on participating or if you have any questions.


  1. I’m very interested. I love your patterns. I bought your book knowing I’d make something.

  2. Purchased the book from Amazon and I am spending the rest of the weekend pulling fabric and chosing a pattern. So many great designs! Happy New Year from Maryland!!!
    Patty Hammond

    1. Oooh, that is one of my favorite parts! Have fun and thank you for your purchase!

  3. Excited for this challenge! Bought the book a few months back, and now to pick the fabric and patterns for my 2023, project list 😊. Thanks for the challenge and inspiration

  4. Sounds like a great way to start 2023! Going to my room to get my book and decide which quilt to make! Thanks for this and for all the fun prizes!

  5. I made your 2 Stars a Day quilt and I LOVE it! Got your Q the R book and I'm excited to get started. Your quilts are my fave. ♥️

    1. Aw you're so sweet. That means alot. Thank you!


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