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Friday, September 9, 2022

I believe there are 2 kinds of people in this world.
1. The kind of people that have 30 (or under) unread emails in their inbox.  
2. The kind of people that have 7,552 unread emails in their inbox. 
There is no in there?

I personally get a little stressed out if I have more than about 30 unread emails.  
I feel my life spinning out of control after 50 (wink, wink).   
But honestly, it takes some major stick-to-itiveness to constantly 
"unsubscribe" and clean out my inbox!  So I am really careful 
about what emails I sign up for.

With that being said, I have had requests for a way for you guys to follow
along with my blog.  Unfortunately, Blogger got rid of their "follow by email" function a 
while back and I didn't know another way to do it.  Until now;
I've finally decided to jump on the newsletter bandwagon.
 I plan to send a newsletter out about once a month.
Only with pertinent information if I have some.  I won't send them out
just to "be on your radar".  I won't inundate your inbox weekly or even
every other week.  But if you want to be in the know
about blog posts, new patterns, shop sales, upcoming events, and maybe 
a few of my favorite quilty things at the moment then click HERE
I promise I'll be nice!

I'd love to hear if you like newsletters or not,
what kind of things you like to see in them, etc.
I'm new at this so any tips or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
Or if you want to confess how many unread emails you have in YOUR
inbox - this is a judgement free zone.  Go ahead and share!  

(I currently have 15 unread emails in my inbox and I'm pretty sure that's 
because the rest of my life is crazy busy right now so that's the only
thing giving me a sense of control.)

Have a great day my friends!


  1. I love newsletters. Look forward to them. You could always surprise us with a recipe or even a quickie quilt pattern. Just ideas and can't wait for my first newletter from you.

    1. Good ideas! I love baking so I will have to include a recipe here and there. I like the quickie quilt pattern idea too. Thanks for your feedback!


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