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Wednesday, June 1, 2022

 Good morning friends!
My new book, Quilt the Rainbow is hitting stores TODAY
so I wanted to take a few minutes, here on the blog, to tell you all about it!


One day, back in October of 2020, I was looking at my pretty little stacks of fabric 
organized in rainbow order and thought to myself, wouldn't it be nice if there were patterns 
to help me whittle down each color of my stash?  (If you've been following along with me 
for a while you know that I LOVE using my stash and I love scrap quilts.  
I honestly don't like having a huge stash; I'm constantly trying to use up what I have!)  
I thought I should create those patterns and knew they all needed to be together in one place
so the idea for my second book was born.

I reached out to my publishing company, Martingale, to see what they
thought about the concept and surprisingly they said they hadn't really done
one like that before!  I'm so glad they were game for the idea and even liked
my idea for the title, Quilt the Rainbow.


In the book, I included 10 stash-friendly patterns; one in red, pink, orange,
yellow, green, aqua, blue, purple, black, and one multi-color quilt!  Of couse every
quilt would be cute in any color way!  Most of them would be very easy to adapt
to a smaller or larger size, too!

I also share alot of fun tidbits including the meaning/symbolism of each color, 
how to cut and store fabric for scrap quilts, how to choose fabrics for beautiful, cohesive 
scrap quilts, how to make scrappy quilt backs, how to make scrappy bindings, 
how to spiderweb piece, all the quilt-making basics you need to know, 
and some of my favorite time-saving notions.  It's chock-full of 
useful information and inspiring photography!
I couldn't be happier with how it turned out!


Sew Delightful (red)

Scrapology (pink)

Blossoms & Buds (orange)

Crowning Glory (yellow)

Box Elder Trail (green)

Seaside (aqua)

Patchwork Plaid (blue)

Glimmer of Light (purple)

Tile Revival (black)

Star Studded (multi-color)

I hope you are envisioning some of those patterns in
your own favorite color ways!  
[All images above are courtesy of Martingale Publishing.]


I have a Quilt the Rainbow book tour starting
July 1st, 2022. I've invited 10 friends to make their own versions
of the projets in the book so I hope you'll follow along on Instagram
in July and August.  I'll do a final roundup post at the end
(here on the blog, in case you're not on Instagram).

Click HERE to check out the book tour.

I will also be hosting a quilt-along for the aqua quilt (Seaside)
in September.  I have my fabrics all picked out (I'm really into these earthy colors 
right now!)  Stay tuned for more details!

Click HERE to check out the Seaside QAL details.

I'm so anxious to remake a lot of the quilts in different colorways.
So if you are interested in whittling down your fabric stash and quilting 
the rainbow with me, grab your own copy of the book, and let's get started!


You can purchase Quilt the Rainbow at the:

Or I would LOVE for you to ask your local quilt shop to carry it!

If you are a quilt shop and would like to order
Quilt the Rainbow at wholesale prices, visit Martingale.com HERE or 
Checker Distributors HERE.  Please shoot me an email with your website listing link 
and I will add you to the list!

I hope you will love Quilt the Rainbow as much as I do!
It really was a project from the heart.

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  1. I love the Tile Revival. I am new to Quilting and I want to try this one. My neice has picked out fabric by Alli K….she wants very little white. I might be able to sub a light grey maybe for white background? Your quilting is just so pretty.


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