Snowball and 9-Patch Quilt

Monday, January 24, 2022

If you're looking for a quick, scrappy way to use up 
some of your fabric stash this is a great quilt pattern for you!

Snowballs (in this case a black square with cream corner triangles) 
and 9-Patches are a classic pairing that look great in any colorway!

This project started because I had some of the black text fabric leftover
 from the back of my Giant Star quilt using the line Urban Cottage by
Urban Chiks.  You can see that post HERE (it's worth checking out, it's 
another super-fast, beginner-friendly project!)

I thought that fabric was cute (and it always feels good to use up random remnants
in my stash) so one day, as I was heading off to a sewing retreat, I grabbed it + some 
cream and black fabrics to go with it and ran out the door without a plan in mind.  When I got to the
retreat I asked my friends what pattern I should make with those fabrics and we quickly
landed on the classic Snowball and 9-Patch pattern.

I did some quick quilt math (I'll share all those numbers below)
and got about half of the blocks made that day.

I was short just enough black text fabric to make 2 snowball blocks so I supplemented with 
another black fabric from my stash for those 2 blocks.

I had my friend Jen Ostler in Highland, Utah quilt it for me
with the Cassava panto.  I've used that panto a couple of times before; 
it's a good one!  A huge thanks to Jen for doing another fantastic job.

I did a 9 x 9 block layout.  The blocks finish at 7-1/2" each
making the finished size of the quilt 67-1/2" x 67 1/2".
This pattern is very easy to adapt to your own desired size.

2-1/8 yards of black fabric for blocks
3-7/8 yards of assorted cream scraps for blocks
5/8 yard of fabric for binding
4-1/4 yards of fabric for backing

(41) 8" squares (black) for the Snowball blocks
(164) 3" squares (cream) for the corner triangles on the Snowball blocks +
(360) 3" squares (cream) for the 9-Patch blocks for a total of 524 cream 3" squares.
8 strips, 2-1/2" x 40" for the binding

41 Snowball Blocks
40 Nine-Patch Blocks

I actually used a few black print remnants from my stash for the back of this quilt.
It always feels so good to use things up!

The binding was from my stash too.  So if you're keeping
track, that makes this quilt 100% from my stash and that makes
me a VERY happy girl!

The labels I use are from Ever Emblem.
You can customize any of their labels.
I like the 2" cotton fold-over, sew-in labels.

My neutral, scrappy, make-do, classic loving heart is thrilled with how this quilt turned out.
I truly believe beautiful quilts can be made with high-quality CUTE
fabrics and a really simple pattern.

Hope you found some inspiration here today.
Thanks for stopping by!


  1. This quilt is sew cute! Thanks for sharing your process with us!

  2. I have an abundance of black fabrics (for some reason) - and this pattern looks like just the perfect way to use them up or at least diminish :)! Love your quilt!

  3. I love this quilt thank you for sharing! I have a great feature fabric that I wasn't sure how to use and you solved my problem.

  4. I totally agree about how beautiful quilts can come from simple patterns. Love your quilt. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Great quilt with lots of appeal- I love it!

  6. Love your quilt Amber. Simple blocks but oh so aesthetically pleasing with the fabrics you used. Thank you for the measurements.

  7. Gosh, I love this in this colorway!

  8. I love this in this colorway - great job!

  9. Very nice! Black & white quilts look great

  10. I love how your quilt turned out, and so happy you got to use up stash. a win-win.

  11. just can across your blog [ from threadbare creations and i would love to receive emails from you but don't find a way to subscribe. is there something i can do? beautiful quilts!

  12. love this pattern- I can see it made with all of my Christmas scraps


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