Quilt - Along: Scrappy Pineapple Quilt

Sunday, December 26, 2021

I'm happy to announce that I am finally ready to host
a scrappy pineapple quilt quilt-along!

I've had the itch to make another pineapple quilt for a while now
and I think January 31st, 2022 is just the time to start!

This pineapple quilt is a great stash buster!
We'll be using my paper-piecing papers to make this quilt so
this will be a great opportunity to learn a new skill!
My paper-piecing papers are oversized which make for big,
modern blocks.  They finish at 12-3/8" and come in a pack of 36 
(plus one master copy).  One package makes a quilt that finishes at
approximately 74" x 74" (a 6 x 6 block layout).
You can purchase them HERE.  Be sure to use the code
"QUILTALONG" at checkout for 20% off.  The code is good until
midnight on January 31, 2022.

This will be a slow and steady quilt-along.  We'll be making 1 block a week for 36 weeks.  
I'll post my blocks on Mondays on Instagram as a reminder for you to make yours for the week.

There won't be any sign-ups.  Just follow along with me on Instagram @gigis_thimble.
If you stick with me, by the Fall of 2022 you will have a finished quilt top!
There won't be any prizes either (haha, is this sounding really enticing???)
But no really, the prize is your beautiful quilt top!
And I'll be here every step of the way to answer questions and give moral support!


For ease of mocking different options up in my EQ software and figuring out fabric requirements
I will give you fabric requirements for non-scrappy quilts (plus I know some of you want 
those requirements anyway).  If you want to make a scrappy version just add on 
20% to the amount required.

Referring to the block below you will notice that there are dark and light
 fabrics needed for this block.  You can place them as shown below or do the reverse 
(with the light fabrics on the sides and the dark fabrics in the corners).

If you want light fabric in the corners of your blocks you will need :
1/4 yard for the center squares
7-5/8 yards of light fabric
4-1/4 yards of dark fabric

When all your blocks are sewn together it will look something like this:

Or, if you want light fabric on the sides of your blocks you will need :
1/4 yard for the center squares
4-1/4 yards of light fabric
7-5/8 yards of dark fabric

That layout will look something like this:

Or, if you want to do two different colors in the corners for a layout 
that looks something like this, you will need:

1/4 yard for the center squares
4-1/4 yards of white fabric
4 yards of  color 1 fabric (navy)
4 yards of  color 2 fabric (light blue)

The above layout is very similar to my original pink and green pineapple quilt 
(except mine is scrappy).

Please note: I use a "grab-and-go" method of paper piecing.
That means I do not precut strip lengths. I think it would take up a lot of space
at my workstation to have all the pieces laid out and try to keep them in order.
It also takes a lot of time to precut everything.
So I cut as I go.  I'll show you how to do that in a YouTube video
I'll be airing on January 31st.  It will be a video tutorial showing the entire Pineapple
block paper piecing process so stop back by my blog that day for a link to that video.

HERE is a link to a Pineapple Quilt
coloring sheet in case you want to mock up your own version.

This is the inspiration for what I'm going to do.
My friend, Esther Avila made these blocks with my papers and I think they're gorgeous.
Blue and white - such a timeless look!

In case you're asking yourself if you can do this project, I would say the skill level 
required is a "confident beginner".

Each block takes me about 1-1/2 hours to make as there are 57 pieces.
Sounds a little intense right?  It's really not; it's just a little time-consuming!  
The good news is, the same step is repeated over and over so this is
a great pattern to learn/practice paper-piecing.  You'll get the hang of it really fast 
and you'll be a paper-piecing pro in no time!

I plan on doing a video tutorial the first week of the quilt-along 
to teach you how to make the first block.  In the meantime, you're welcome 
to check out THIS tutorial I did several years ago for the Pineapple Block.  
Note: I like to use 2" wide strips in varying lengths.  Start cutting/accumulating strips now 
so you'll be ready to start sewing on January 31st!

If you've always wanted to make a pineapple quilt now is the time to do it!
This quilt is classic and a real showstopper for sure!

Let me know if you have any questions about this quilt along or the project!
I can't wait to quilt along with you!


  1. I am looking forward to sewing along. I really enjoy fpp and with the blocks I found of my moms I want to figure out a way to use them.

  2. I adore the pinks and greens quilt top. Wish there was a kit for that! Will the pattern give fabric requirements for something not using scraps? Thank you.

    1. Thank you! I will add that to the blog post soon. Please check back early next week.

      Happy New Year!

    2. I just updated the fabric requirements and added a few other tidbits of information! Hope that helps. Let me know if you have any other questions.


  3. What a fun surprise to see this sew along. I have some of your papers from 2014!!! but I ordered a new set so I have enough then add to keep as leftovers. I use them for table toppers and placemats! NOW, I have to decide on what fabrics to use...... Peggy in NJ

  4. What a fun surprise to see this sew along. I have some of your papers from 2014!!! but I ordered a new set so I have enough then add to keep as leftovers. I use them for table toppers and placemats! NOW, I have to decide on what fabrics to use...... Peggy in NJ

  5. Count me in as I've had your papers for 5+ years and the fabric as well! Thanks for the push!! Cream, red and warm black will be my colours.

    1. Can't wait to see it in those colors and I'm just as excited for you to finally use those papers!

  6. Okay you've sucked me in. I've avoided sew alongs because I'm slow and get distracted and etc etc. Always make excuses. LOL
    I just ordered your papers. I now have 30 days to decide scrappy or just blues and yellows. Oh the decisions. Wish me luck.
    Happy New Year!

    1. That's the hard part - deciding what color scheme! I've seen some blue and yellow ones. That would be awesome but scrappy is always fun too! Good luck deciding!

  7. Do you have a paper patter that can be downloaded for free?

    1. I have paper and PDF versions of the Pineapple Block Papers available in my Etsy shop. The paper packages are $23.50 + shipping and the PDF pattern is $15.

  8. I have a tote with all kinds of bright fabrics I have set aside to made another Pineapple Quilt. The pineapple pattern is my favorite bc there are so many variations. I have my papers ready and fabric. I’ll be using black and white centers and the strips really bright and funky and black fabric for one side. I’m excited!!!! TY Amber for getting us going.

  9. I’m going to start cutting my purple & green fabric today. It’s a blizzard outside so a good day to play with fabric. Thinking about a yellow center square- and all colors will be batik. Can’t wait!

  10. i am in, i ordered the papers last night. i am very excited and will absolutely keep up. Thankyou so much for hosting this and providing instruction. I am a little intimidated.

  11. thank you for hosting and demonstrating for us. very excited , order my papers last night.

  12. That's a pretty one. I hope to make a pineapple quilt someday.

  13. I am just now seeing this. I was wondering if I were to do the scrappy but make every other block reversed so the solid section moves from the center to the corners on every other block? Does that make any sense? Would it be too busy.

  14. I’m loving the challenge. I’m going to try to make enough for a king size quilt. The purple & green I decided on looks fab!!

  15. I have made a few of these blocks using blue and white scraps and just sewed them together and they look terrific! How would you suggest I quilt the top now??

    1. I had my pink and green pineapple quilt custom quilted. On my blue and white one I might do an orange peel but I still need to look at some ideas. I'll try to do a post soon with some finishing info.


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