Sewing Themed (Watercolor) Bottle Brush Trees

Saturday, December 12, 2020

 Hey friends!  It's been a while since I've checked in here!  I've missed you guys! 
I've been busy working on some quilts that I hope to share with you soon but today 
I have a festive and easy craft project I want to share with you!

While doing some Christmas shopping recently I spied these cute sewing themed 
bottle brush trees and just had to get them!   Aren't they so cute on the spools of twine?  
I found them at one of my favorite stores called Sunriver Gardens located in Orem, Utah.

Shortly after I found those, I found these knitted sweater trees
at a bakery we have here in Utah called Kneaders.  

I was so inspired by the idea of creating a little Christmas "moment" in my sewing room 
so I got busy looking for more bottle brush trees!  You could buy any bottle brush trees 
that suit your fancy.  They come in so many colors and sizes.  I'm partial to the 
natural sisal bottle brush trees though.  You will also need some twine and wooden spools.  
I happened to have both of those things on hand but I have linked some options 
for all of these supplies at the end of this post.

I put them on top of my spool cubby but something felt off.  There was a lot going on 
and it was a little too busy for my liking.  I wanted a little more cohesiveness 
between all the trees so I made some simple changes.  

 First, I tore off the jute bows that came on the knitted sweater trees.  The jute was 
a little too big and drawing too much attention for my taste.  So off those came!  
Then I wrapped the big empty wooden spool that I had with some red Christmas 
scrapbooking paper.  You could also wrap it with ribbon or baker's twine.

I had seen tutorials for dying bottle brush trees with Rit Dye or Kool Aid 
but I didn't have either of those.  I also didn't have any patience.  So I wondered 
what I could use that I had on hand.  I did have some nice watercolors 
so I tried those out and they were perfect and easy.

All you do is load a paint brush with the color of your choice and paint your 
bottle brush trees with quick, sweeping motions.  I used two different colors of green.  
I added a little yellow to one of the greens to warm it up and then added 
a little black to one of them to tone it down. 

Sometimes the paint would splatter on my arm and face so make sure you cover 
your table and wear a painting smock or an old shirt or apron.  I also found 
a somewhat dry brush didn't splatter paint up as much.

Paint your trees.  Feel free to add a little Mod Podge 
after they dry and sprinkle with glitter!
That could be really cute!

While your trees are drying wrap your wooden spools with baker's twine, ribbon
or cute scrapbooking paper.  Use a little dab of hot glue to secure the ends 
of the twine or ribbon in place.  If using paper, use adhesive dots to secure the ends in place.

Add some hot glue to the base of your bottle brush tree and quickly press it onto the 
top of one of your wooden spools.  

And voila, you're done!  Stand back and admire your work (this part is very important).

Now go create your "Christmas moment", wherever that may be.

So here's my finished "moment".  Which one do you like better?
The before or after?

I've rounded up some of the supplies you'll need to make these sewing themed 
bottle brush trees including the:

Baker's Twine
Wooden Spools
Adhesive Dots
Bottle Brush Trees

HERE in my Amazon Storefront.

I hope you'll tag me on Instagram if you decide to make these trees!
My IG user name is @gigis_thimble.  
Thanks for stopping by today and happy holidays!

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  1. Your spooky based bottle brush trees are so darn cute! I live them. Thanks for the hint on dyeing the trees. My first visit to your blog. I'll be back. I like your style


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