Stash Hash Quilt-Along: Week 13

Monday, October 12, 2020

 Welcome to week 13 of the Stash Hash Quilt-Along!

This is the last week of the quilt-along!
If you're making the full-size quilt, the assignment for this week is to assemble the quilt top.

Lay out the Star blocks and Hashtag blocks, alternating.

Working from left to right and top to bottom, stack up the blocks in each row.
I like to use my Marilee's Numbered Pins that you can get HERE to keep everything in order. 

Take the stacks to your sewing machine and sew the blocks together to form rows.
Press according to the directions.

Sew the rows together and press.

And voila!  You are FINALLY done with your Stash Hash quilt top!  Yay!  

I just need to bind mine so come back next week to see my finished quilt!
I used a new-to-me all-over quilt pattern that I'm in love with.  It's so snuggly
with minky on the back and the quilting shows up so well on it!

Thanks to all of you that participated in the Stash Hash Quilt-Along!
I loved having all of you along for the ride!  I'd love to hear your feedback and 
any suggestions you might have in the comment section below.

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