Gigi's Thimble Pattern Testing

Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Hi friends!

Every now and then I do a call for new pattern testers
and now is one of those times!  I am going to be releasing a new, patriotic pattern soon 
and thought it would be a good time to invite some of you to test it for me!  

This time I am making the process a little more "official" 
with an actual blog post listing all the details about what I'm looking for in a pattern tester,
how the pattern testing process works, as well as, a legit application form.  
Ha!  Sounds a little crazy to have an application form but last time I posted the call on Instagram 
I got tons of messages and this application will help me keep track of and sift through all the information so I can find people that will be a great fit for the Gigi's Thimble pattern testing team!

So here's what I'm looking for in a pattern tester:

First and foremost, I am looking for someone who LOVES to quilt
and loves my traditional (with a fresh twist) style!  

I need someone who:
- is up for testing a pattern 3-5 times a year
- can start and finish a quilt quickly (about 2 weeks for the top is ideal)
- can follow written instructions
- pays attention to detail
- doesn't tweak the pattern layout to make it their own
- communicates well and can give feedback
- has a public Instagram account

It also helps to have testers who:
- have an eye for color and pretty fabrics
- great photography skills
- have an Instagram account
that's primarily about quilting

Besides testing the pattern and looking for any errors, confusion, etc.
it is greatly appreciated when a tester can share a few posts on Instagram
to help advertise about the upcoming release of a new pattern!  It really helps for 
people to see the pattern in another colorway besides mine too.

How the pattern testing process works:

A few times a year (when inspiration strikes) I design a new pattern.
I write the instructions and send them to a professional editor.
While the instructions are being edited I make the original quilt.
When the edits come back from my editor I make the corrections and then 
send an email with a picture of the quilt plus a few details to my pattern testers 
to find out if they would like to test it for me.  There is never any obligation to test a pattern.
If you have the time and like the pattern then you can respond with a big, fat "YES!"  
and I will then send you the instructions.  If you don't care for the pattern or don't have time,
you can simply tell me "no" and I will completely understand!  
You get to pick the size and colors you want to use for your quilt.  If you can get the top made 
within a couple of weeks that helps a lot so I can make any final edits to the instructions. 
In the meantime, I am getting my quilt quilted, bound, photographed and the cover sheet designed.  After all of that is finished, I will publish the pattern in paper and PDF forms in my Etsy shop and do some serious marketing on my blog, Instagram feed, etc.

Just a note, if I get 2-3 "no's" from you in a row or the quilt doesn't get completed in a timely manner
I will assume you want to stop pattern testing for me and will stop sending you emails.  
With no hard feelings of course!

What's in it for you:
- you'll receive soon-to-be-released PDF quilt patterns for free
(just those you desire to test)
- I will mention you and repost your quilt on my feed and in my stories
(great advertising if you are trying to grow your IG following)
- I will donate a couple of paper copies if you'd like to host a giveaway on your IG feed
- you will gain quilting and pattern testing experience

Here's a little snippet of my upcoming pattern, United.
This particular pattern only comes with instructions for 1 size - 78 1/2" x 87 1/2".
I'm excited to find testers that can show it in some different colorways.
A few of them may vary slightly from mine and hopefully there are a few of you out there that
can put a fun or funky spin on this!  I would love to see it in solids or
even a very colorful, non red, white and blue version!

So if you made it through all of that info and would like to be a pattern tester for me
please click HERE to apply.  The application just takes a minute to fill out and I will sift through all the applicants in the next 24 hours and choose about 5 -8 people that I think will be a good match for me.  We'll start with this pattern, United
and then go from there.

Please let me know if you have any questions!
Thank you!


  1. That's going to be SEW super cute, Amber!! Wishing I had time to pattern test for you.

    1. No worries, life is busy! Thanks for stopping by and your kind words though!

  2. I have tried numerous times to submit the pattern testing form and it tells me the form is over quota and to contact the owner. Do you know what this is about?

    1. Wow, that's weird. I capped it at 100 applicants. Didn't expect to get that many and especially not that fast. I can probably change the cap number. Give me a few minutes...


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  4. Replies
    1. So sorry, I'm working on it. Please check back in a little while...


  5. I just ran into the same problem. I'd love to apply if possible. If you're full though I understand

  6. Hope to be chosen. I have done some pattern testing before and it was a great way to collect quilt tops 😉😉😊

  7. I tried submitting my application twice. Not sure if it actually submitted. The screen just sort of froze 🤷🏼‍♀️ But I’d love to test whenever I can! My IG handle is @the.musing.mustard


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