Stash Hash Quilt-Along: Week 6

Monday, August 24, 2020

 Good morning friends!  I hope you all had a great weekend!
Mine was very restful and I definitely needed that time to rejuvenate from some commitments 
I had these past few weeks!  I did do some sewing on my Stash Hash quilt...
which brings me to introduce the assignment for week 6 of the Stash Hash Quilt-Along.

The assignment for this week is to make 3 Hashtag Blocks.
These are easy peasy (as you already know).  Especially when you chain-piece each of the units.

Chain-piecing is a time-saving quilting technique similar to an assembly line.
You repeat a single sewing step for all the blocks of a quilt without cutting threads 
between each section until after you are done with that step.  
It creates a "chain" of pieces and saves time and thread.

I chain-piece basically everything I can.
I find it helpful to determine the number of units I need for each part of a block
and then multiply that number by the number of blocks I need.  For instance,
for each of the 4-Patch units needed for the Hashtag blocks, 
I need two dark/light units (a total of 8 dark/light units per block)
So I multiply 8 x the 3 blocks I need to make and I get 24 dark/light units.
Then I count out 24 dark squares and chain piece a light square to each of them.

Here are my 3 blocks for this week (above and below).

It's fun to see all the fabrics come together in one block!

So that's it for this week!

Please keep sharing your blocks on Instagram.
It makes me so happy to see them and
I know it inspires others as well.  Plus,
it helps spread the word about my patterns which I really appreciate!
Please tag me @gigis_thimble and use the hashtags
#gigisthimblepattern, #stashhashquilt, and #stashhashqal
if you decide to share.  

If you're looking for the Stash Hash quilt pattern, visit my shop HERE.

Happy quilting!

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