Stash Hash Quilt-Along: Week 3

Monday, August 3, 2020

Good morning!  Welcome to week 3 of the Stash Hash Quilt-Along!

Are you ready to start sewing?
The assignment for this week is to make 3 Star Blocks.
So pick out 3 sets of bright print triangles, get your background triangles and squares, 
and lets get started!  Below are some helpful photos and tips but please
refer to the Stash Hash Block Assembly instructions for specifics.

Lay out one set of 16 bright print triangles to form a star.  
Note that triangles for the star points are adjacent to matching triangles 
in the block center, forming diamonds in the completed
block as shown above.  I like to lay out the triangles so there is contrast 
between each different print diamond and a balance between dark and light 
prints across the block.  Doing that will make each diamond pop!

Sew pairs of triangles together along the long edges to form Half-Square Triangles.

I like to keep the pairs in order as I sew them together (as well as when I press 
the seam allowances and square up the Half-Square Triangles because it makes it 
easier to put the units back in place before sewing them all together).

Press the seam allowances and then square up each Half-Square Triangle.

If you have questions about how to square up Half-Square Triangles 
check out THIS tutorial I created.  I think you will find it helpful! 

Lay out the Half-Square Triangles Blocks and the 4 background squares.
Sew all of them together, press the seam allowances and voila, 
now you have your first Stash Hash Star Block!  

Note: I know pressing seam allowances open is not the easiest, most enjoyable 
thing to do but it will help your block to lay nice and flat when finished.  
Because your seams won't "nest" like they do when you press seams to one side
it's even more important to cut accurately and make sure your seam allowance is 
an accurate 1/4" seam allowance.  You may want to make sure your 1/4"
seam allowance is spot on before starting.

Repeat the steps above to make a total of 3 blocks.

So that's it for this week!
I'd love to see your blocks on Instagram if you decide to share.
Please tag me @gigis_thimble and use the hashtags
#gigisthimblepattern, #stashhashquilt, and #stashhashqal 
so I don't miss a thing.

If this is the first time you've heard about the Stash Hash Quilt-Along it's not too late to join.
HERE'S the link to the Stash Hash QAL Homepage and you can get the pattern HERE.

Let me know if you have any questions!
Happy sewing!

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  1. I’m loving this quilt & putting it together!! I did buy some new Christmas prints to make this so with my next quilt using this pattern I will use my stash!


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