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Friday, November 17, 2017

Good morning friends!
Just popping in on this wet, gloomy Friday to share with you two things.

First, notice anything different?
My blog got a little makeover and I couldn't be more excited about it!
I started realizing how cold and blah my old blog was looking so I enlisted some help from Smitten Blog Designs to do a little redesign.  I love the warmth they added and think it looks so much more professional.  Yay!  I really hope you feel welcome and inspired as you search around now.  Also, did you notice that I switched my domain from to  Just wanted to keep things consistent with my brand.  So welcome to my new (blog) home!

The other thing I wanted to share is a little project I finished recently.
My daughter's friend's mother just had a baby so I jumped at the chance to make a baby quilt for them!  Their home is really modern so I found some inspiration off of my Pinterest board, Quilt Love and whipped up the quickest, most modern quilt I have ever made! 

I was really drawn to it because of the modern aesthetic, the boyish colors/stripes and mostly, the quilting!  To die for, right? 

I pulled out a bunch of navy blue striped fabrics from my stash and had this pieced in about 30 minutes!

In fact, I had all the fabric in my stash - which always feels so good to use, right?

The cable quilting was done by my friend Cathy Barney.  I actually started trying to quilt it myself (you may have saw me talking about it on my Instagram Stories a while back) but it just wasn't working out like my beautiful inspiration picture above.  I only got a little bit of the first row done and was kind of hating it.  So, I just cut that part off, unpinned my basting pins and took it to Cathy!  That's why the bottom blue rectangle below is smaller than the rest.  Haha.  It's okay.  I think it adds to the modern aesthetic.

Remind me (if I ever say that I'm going to free motion quilt anything again) that it's just not my thing.  It's partly because I'm a perfectionist and partly because I don't have the time to fiddle with it.  Too many other deadlines going on.  But I do admire the skill and look up to those of you that can do it!!!

I washed it up so it would be extra soft and crinkly when I gave it to baby Gray.  Then I tied it up with some gray bakers twine and a cute tag.  (You can download a PDF of these tags from Rad & Happy's Etsy Shop!  There are 3 different sayings on an 8 1/2" x 11" sheet for $10.)  I always use these tags when I am giving a handmade gift.  It's all about the details!

I hope Mama and baby Gray are loving their gift.

Now, if I only I had time to make the other 597 quilts I have pinned on Pinterest,
I would be a happy (and busy) girl!

Have a great weekend friends!

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