Penny Tiles Quilt [Finished]

Friday, December 2, 2016

Do you know the blog, Messy Jesse?
Well I have been a big fan of the author, Jessie Finchman, for a long time.  I've been following her blog forever and her Instagram account for ages.  One day I was just scrolling through Instagram, minding my own business, when I saw a picture of the most amazing quilt.  It stopped me dead in my tracks and I sat there studying that quilt (called Penny Tiles) for a while trying to figure out how she did that!?!  Then, a short while later I get a message from Jessie asking if I'd be willing to test the pattern out for her.  So of course, I was like, yeah (duh :).
And here we are.  Almost a year later.

I picked some of my favorite colors/fabrics and just had fun with it.  Jessie might have thought that I would only make a block or two but I loved the pattern so much I knew I wanted to make the whole thing!

They're really fun blocks to make and I love the secondary pattern 
of the white stars in the corners of the blocks.

As I was making the blocks, I had to trim off lots of little triangles 
so I decided to hang onto those to use for another "side project" later.

Thus, my little Pinwheel quilt.

 It was perfect because I had enough trimmings from each block to make 4 matching pinwheels of the main bright fabric and 2 matching pinwheels of the second bright fabric!  I just sewed a bright and a white triangle together to make a half-square triangle, squared them all up to 2.25" and then made pinwheels.  I alternated the pinwheels with white squares of the same size and made this really simple quilt!  The blocks finished at 3.5" and the whole quilt finished at 45.5" x 60".

These were both quilted by Cathy Barney in Alpine, Utah.  I used two of my go-to patterns, the interlocking orange peel on the Penny Tiles quilt and wavy lines on the Pinwheel quilt.  Cathy always does a fantastic job!

These will be going to a good friend for Christmas.  I hope she likes them!

Are you busy making handmade gifts for Christmas?  They're the best kind!

Have a great weekend!

~ Amber