Red and White Farmer's Wife Finished Quilt + Stats/Fabric Requirements

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Hello happy people!
Today I'm excited to share with you my finished Farmer's Wife Quilt!

It's been away for a while...being hand quilted by a group of ladies in Provo, UT that use their proceeds to buy supplies for patients at the State Hospital.  It was gone for about 8 months.  I got it back mid November-ish and finished binding it over the holidays!

 It really meant a lot to me to have this hand quilted.  I wanted it to have that antique feel and because I know myself and know that realistically I would never actually do it I decided to hire these ladies!  I'm so happy that the money went to a good cause and the money was well worth it (a fraction of the cost of what it would be to have it custom, machine quilted - it was $200 for those of you dying to know :).  

They quilted in the ditch around each piece and they even quilted the dashed lines on my border fabric - which initially they said they wouldn't be able to do.  I was thrilled when I picked it up and realized I wouldn't have to do any more quilting myself!  Whew!  Big sigh of relief :)

Some people have asked how much fabric they would need to make something like this and that's really hard to answer since it's so scrappy.  I just started off with a dozen or so fat quarters and then added more when I needed some variety.  Scraps are perfect for this project since you only need a little bit for each block.  Below are some rough numbers for everything besides the blocks - since I did do my sashing a little different than the Farmer's Wife book instructed. 

Finished Quilt Size: 79" x 100"
Finished Block Size: 6"
Number of Blocks: 83

Fabric Requirements 
(I've included a little extra in the yardage to allow for 
shrinkage and squaring up.  WOF = width of fabric).

Number of Sashing Strips: 192 total
(You will need 2 yards of 42" wide fabric.  
Cut 6 1/2" x WOF strips, subcut into 2" x 6 1 /2" rectangles).

Sashing Squares: 110 total
I did white with a red print for the 82 center squares and
solid white for the 28 outside edge squares (the white outside edge squares are eventually trimmed off - creating triangles - before sewing on the inner border fabric).
(You will need 1/3 yard of white with red print fabric and 
1/4 yard of solid white).

Inner Border: 8 strips
(You will need 1/2 yard.
Cut 2" x WOF strips).

Outer Border: 8 strips
(You will need 1 3/4 yards.
Cut 6 1/2" x WOF strips).

Binding: 9 strips
(You will need 3/4 yard.
Cut 2 1/2" x WOF strips).

Backing: 7 1/2 yards
(cut into 3 pieces, 42" x 90" each)

I hope that answers some questions for those of you just getting started!

Here's a few more pictures of mine...

My backing is just a vintage-y red and cream print.


I love it.  And although you may not see me using too much red for the next little while, this is one of my greatest finished quilts.  I hope my grandmother (Gigi) will be proud :)

Happy quilting!
~ Amber

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  1. So beautiful! Such an accomplishment! I love the idea of having it hand quilted.

  2. Oh Amber, it's amazing! The hand quilting really is the perfect finish! Can't wait to make more progress on mine :-)


  4. Oh my! Stunning! Congratulations on this amazing accomplishment. What a great idea for the hand quilting! Thanks so much for the inspiration as I am at the very early stage of getting my plans together to take on this project!!

  5. Oh my! Stunning! Congratulations on this amazing accomplishment. What a great idea for the hand quilting! Thanks so much for the inspiration as I am at the very early stage of getting my plans together to take on this project!!

  6. This is just so beautiful!! I love all the different reds you used in the quilt. What a treasure with the hand quilting added!

  7. That is gorgeous! Love the red and white!

  8. It's beautiful; I love the reds and white.

  9. You were my inspiration to buy the book and get working on my own. It is such a treat to see you finished FWSQ!!!!

  10. You did an awesome job! I've got this one on my to do list, I just hope I do half as good as you!

    tdkcarpenoctem (at) hotmail (dot) com

  11. Extremely beautiful! Wow. This is definitely a work to be proud of your entire life. I'm so glad I got to see it. Your pictures of this beautiful quilt outside made me think about how special the beauty of quilts must have been on the hard working farms of the pioneers. Magistra13 at yahoo dot com

  12. What a treasure! I never would have thought to try to send out a quilt for hand quilting. I love the red and white theme - it makes all the different blocks seem more unified, but you really do have a good variety of reds in there, so it has a lot of depth.

  13. Love your quilt it turned out gorgeous.

  14. It is very beautiful - you must be very proud of finishing it.

  15. Wow, I love it! Love all the reds

  16. It is beautiful! I love the idea of two colours quilt. And this hand quilting... Now I am sure that my FWQ will be hand quilted.

  17. What a gorgeous quilt!!! I love that you had it hand quilted just like the farmers wives would have ��. The red and cream are so pretty too. This inspires me to finish my FWQ!

  18. It's absolutely gorgeous Amber!!! Oh my, so beautiful. What a great idea to have the hand quilting sourced out too, that never even occurred to me.

  19. whoops I was signed in on my work account! previous message was from me Amber :-) xo

  20. Wonderful quilt. Full of creativity.

  21. It's beautiful Amber! I'm so happy that you decided to have all that work hand quilted -- it's perfect!!!

  22. It's beautiful Amber! I'm so happy that you decided to have all that work hand-quilted -- just perfect!

  23. I think that, next to the little chick quilt you made me, this is my favorite. Gigi will be proud, indeed.

  24. That is a beautiful quilt and one that will be treasured for a long time! I think the red and white is color combination is so striking!

  25. Absolutely beautiful! And definitely money well spent. I would go that route if I knew of a group who donated the proceeds. Just beautiful.

  26. What a beautiful accomplishment! You should be very proud of a project that will become a treasured heirloom!

  27. Oh it's lovely! Congratulations on finishing it; I've enjoyed watching its progress.

  28. Congratulations, the quilt is amazing, and the colors are so nice...

  29. That is truly beautiful, well done

  30. What a beautiful quilt, the hand quilting is perfect, really gives it an antique feel.

  31. This is an incredible quilt. I've been hoarding reds and whites for just such a purpose. Tell me what process did you use to maintain balance with your quilt? I'm struggling to understand how to pick fabrics that have a good value balance while following the monochromatic scheme? Thanks for any tips that you can give me.

    1. Thanks Camille! I just took it block by block and worked with whatever fabrics I liked at the time. I have some really really dark reds all the way up to really light reds. Contrast is the key when you're only working with two colors. I also used several whites that have some red on them. I hope I have some close up photos here or on my other FW posts that will help illustrate all of this. Good luck!



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