Quick Corner Triangle Piecing Method (Photo and Video Tutorials)

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Today I want to share one more of my favorite quick tips with you.  You can use this method whenever a pattern instructs you to mark a diagonal line on the wrong side of a square from corner to corner.  

I first learned this method a few years ago while working at the fabric store and it's changed my life!  Seriously.  No more marking squares for me.  And that's awesome.  Especially when you have 444 little squares to sew on (like I did on my upcoming "Marbles" quilt pattern - made in the king size version). I think it's become quite a popular technique but I thought I'd share a tutorial with you today, just in case you're new to the quilting scene or haven't been introduced to it yet.

All you need is a piece of colored tape (about 3" long) and your squares - cut to the size instructed in your pattern.  I love to use Washi Tape whenever I use this method - because - A) it's cute B) it comes off super easy and C) it doesn't leave any sticky residue.  I just happened to have this perfect Washi measuring tape on hand but really, any colored tape will do.

So first, you'll need to place the piece of tape onto the slide on table of your sewing machine.  Place it carefully, so that the right-hand edge of the tape lines up with your center needle position and comes straight out towards you.  Make sure it doesn't cover up your feed dogs.

    Place your small square on top of your large square with right sides together.  Line up the corners and place the two squares under your presser foot.

Lower your needle so that it comes down in the first (top) corner of the white square.  Make sure the second (bottom) corner is lined up on the right hand edge of the tape.

Sew towards the second corner - keeping it aligned along the right hand edge of the tape the entire time.

When you're done you should have a straight, diagonal line, from corner to corner.  Trim a quarter inch from the stitching line and press according to your patterns instructions.  

And P.S. - If you have 444 corners to piece (like I did) you can save even MORE time by chain piecing them.  Then trim them all.  Then press them all.  Super big time saver.  You can thank me later :)

So if you want to see this tutorial in video form or just see me laughing because of my "sticky residue" comment (which my son didn't think sounded like me because I guess he's never heard me say "sticky residue") then you can check out this video (below).  And please don't judge.  It was my first go at making a YouTube video and I had to bribe my 11 year old to shoot it once again after a gazillion takes.  He's a sweet boy.

Happy quilting!
~ Amber