Secret Friend Gifts

Monday, January 27, 2014

This weekend I'm heading to a Quilt Retreat and I cannot wait!  
 I signed up for two swaps while I'm there: 
#1 - a low volume fat eighth fabric exchange and 
#2 - a secret friend swap.   

Now, I know it's not much of a secret if I'm publicizing it on my blog but she doesn't know she's my secret friend and I don't think she knows me or my blog, so I think it's okay to show you what I'm giving her!?!

She said she likes orange, yellow and purple and Heather Ross 
- so I'm crossing my fingers that she likes these goodies.

I started by looking on my "More Sewing" Pinterest board for some ideas and came across a couple of super cute bags made by Messy Jessy.  Her photo led me to her blog which led me to Jeni Baker's blog, In Color Order - where Jeni has posted a wonderful tutorial for Lined Drawstring Bags.

This bag was super easy and quick to make 
(and you know I don't "do" bags so that should say a lot! :)
The part that took the longest was running out to buy the ribbon - twice because I only bought enough for one of the drawstrings on my first outing!

I lined the bag with some interfacing and 
Robert Kaufman's Essex Linen that I had on hand.

I knew I also wanted to make a boxy pincushion for my secret friend.
So I started by making a tiny star block (using more of my Essex Linen and matching fabric).  Then I wondered the best way to make the "box" part of the pincushion and found this pincushion tutorial by Heather Bailey.  I had never made a fabric box before but it ended up being easy peasy!

 I adjusted Heather's measurements and it actually worked out!
I stuffed the pincushion with some stuffing and silicone sand that I had on hand (to give it some needed weight).

I'm throwing in some more Heather Ross fabric, my favorite seam ripper and two of my patterns (that color coordinate, of course! :)  Oh, and some chocolate.  You gotta have chocolate for a retreat, right?

It was fun to try new things.  I learned that I CAN make bags and how to make a box!  These small projects were a nice change from the usual big quilts that I make and I look forward to making more bags and pincushions in the future!

So do you like to learn/try new things?
What's the latest (new) thing you've tried making?
Did it turn out?

Well, thanks for stopping by and I hope you have a wonderful day!
~ Amber