Farming...On the Home Stretch

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Curiosity got the best of me this weekend.  
While working on some "have to" projects Saturday afternoon, I decided I needed a little break and started wondering how close I was to reaching my goal of making a red and white (twin size) Farmer's Wife quilt.

This little pile confirmed that I have a whopping 72 six-inch Farmer's Wife blocks to my name!  Yay!  Only 11 more to go!  
So I whipped up 4 more easy ones that night.

#55 Linoleum and #44 Gentleman's Fancy 

#80 Single Wedding Star and #3 Basket

 I had lots of fun making them and only need 7 more now.  Yay!  
I'm so close I can taste it!

My momentum fizzled just a bit that night though (since my printer is out of ink and I still need to print out a few more templates and I'm heading out of town for a sisters and kids trip to Montana today).  So, things will have to resume next week.

So are you still farming???  Do you feel like your progress is a little dormant? Maybe it's time to just check your status.  It might give you the kick in the pants you need :)  Make a goal with me.  Mine is 7 blocks in 2 weeks.  What's yours?