Blocks for Bella

Sunday, July 14, 2013

This quilt symbolizes love, friendship and hope.

It's going to the home of a dear friend of mine whom I've known since Junior High.  She just found out that her 3-year old daughter has stage 2 Burkitts Lymphoma.  Recovery looks promising for her daughter, Bella, but we wanted to send something warm and comforting for her to wrap up in during her chemo treatments.

When I say "we" I am referring to some of my best friends from high school.  They had the idea that we make her something warm and I knew this pattern would be the perfect one.  It's adapted from a cute pattern by LizzieB Cre8ive called Listen to Your Heart

Now.  I grew up in Washington State.  So they all live there and I live here in Utah.  Most of them do not sew nor do they own a sewing machine.  But through email, a few phone calls, and lots of texts they were able to make some beautiful blocks for Bella and send them my way.

I made several simple ones, like this:

But they all really went to town and embellished with flowers, lace, 

rick rack, ribbons and buttons.  Their blocks were beautiful!

It didn't take long to put all the blocks together and 
then I took it to my quilty friend Jen Ostler, who quilted it the day I dropped it off to her!  She gets the award for faster turnaround ever!  

Jen is my quilter who I go to if I need something free handed. I needed someone who could quilt around buttons and rick rack.  She did a beautiful job.  And, as an extra, fun little bonus, she always hides an unexpected object for the recipient to find.  Do you see it?  

I'm sure Bella will love hunting for her butterfly!

I have to thank Jen (again) because when I went to pick it up that night she told me that there would be no charge.  I really wanted to pay her but she insisted.  So with the money we would have spent on quilting we'll be getting Bella some pj's and/or a stuffed animal.  

I have really loved being a part of this special project.  It's been so fun to reconnect with old friends and pull together in honor of Bella (and her mother ~ our dear friend, Kym).  We hope and pray for their family and hope this quilt will symbolize our love and concern for them.

Thanks for stopping by today.

Happy quilting!
~ Amber