Around the Block Samplers

Friday, April 26, 2013

 My little quilt group and I meet together once a month.
We've done some fun projects over the last few years but one of my favorites has to have been the Around the Block Samplers we made.
(You can see pictures of mine HERE.)
Well this month we all brought our finished samplers to get a group photo.  It was really fun to see the different color schemes and layouts people chose.  Each one says so much about each person's personality.  They're all so different even though they all started with the same 12 blocks.
Here's Jacque's quilt. She really went above and beyond with her sashing and pieced border.  She recommends the book, "The Border Workbook" by Janet Kime to help you determine the size blocks needed to make a pieced border.
I definitely want to get this book!

(Jacque also brought this quilt for show 'n tell.  It's not a sampler but I have to throw this picture in anyways! It's my Mod Medallions pattern that she finished up recently.  She did a fantastic job.  I love her fabrics and all the fussy cutting she did for the medallions!)

Here's Vicki's sampler.  She had only made a couple quilts before this one and she definitely decided to "go big" on this one.  She made waaay more blocks then what the rest of us had planned on doing and probably finished it before any of us.  She is a go-getter for sure!

Robin's quilt turned out gorgeous.  She made extra blocks too and set them all on point.  Robin had only made a couple other quilts before this, as well, and she really out did herself. 

Barbara came up with a unique layout for her blocks, leaving room for some custom feather quilting in the lighter colored spots. I think her fabric choices made for a really striking quilt.   

 We had some good laughs taking this picture (telling each other to "say cheese!")  We're easily amused.

Left to right: Barbara, Vicki, Me, Robin and Jacque.
I have a fun time with these ladies and hope there are many more projects like this in the years to come!  I hope you too, have some fun quilting friends that inspire you to stretch yourself.  If not in your own community then here in Blogland!
Happy quilting!
~ Amber


  1. Everyone's quilts look wonderful.

  2. What a fun quilting group, I'm envious! The quilts are gorgeous, each of them!

  3. This must be a very inspiring group. Everyone's work is so lovely!!

  4. I loved seeing your quilts...isn't it amazing how the same idea gets interpreted differently by each and every person, to reflect their personality.

  5. Wow, beautiful quilts, I love the picture with everyone wrapped in their quilts!

  6. Looking good! I love the ladies I know in that group.

  7. Fun times! I really love the scallops on yours, as well as the fabrics you used. And do you know, I just finished prepping a bunch of Mod Medallions blocks! :D Very easy pattern to follow

  8. What a fun group, Amber. you all came up with beautiful quilts and yes so different even though using the same block. Love, love the picture of the quilts on your back. I got quite a giggle.

  9. Wow, each one of those quilts is gorgeous! What a great gift to have talent and creativity!

  10. Wow, what a wonderful sets of quilts! Well done, girls!!!


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