Another...Red and White Farmer's Wife Quilt Update

Thursday, March 28, 2013

I was on a roll last weekend and got 10 more blocks finished for my red and white Farmer's Wife quilt...

Here they are from left to right:
Row 1: #10 Bow Tie, #103 Whirlwind, #56 Maple Leaf
Row 2: #38 Four Winds, #107 Windblown Square, #111 Wrench, #102 Whirlpool
Row 3: #46 Hill & Valley, #79 Silver Lane, #89 Steps to the Alter 

 I'm getting so close to my goal of making a twin size quilt.  I couldn't resist laying my blocks out to get a little taste of what she'll look like when she's all finished.  I'm getting so excited!  

Now it's time to start thinking about what fabrics to use for my sashing, posts and borders.  Hmmm.... any thoughts?

   I'm toying with a few different ideas for the layout but I'm thinking the red and white color scheme is pretty classic so maybe I should stick with the traditional blocks on-point with narrow sashing and posts.  
There are lots of cute ideas out there though.  
I'm especially loving this one on my FWQ Pinterest board. 
What do you think?

~ Amber