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Monday, February 4, 2013

 Right now I'm working on two different aprons.  
One of which involves these little ruffly pockets.  Aren't they just the cutest? Check out the Lime Ricky Apron over at Sew Much Good to see what they're going to be when they're all grown up.

Right now I'm loving these prints (as you can see) from the Indie Chic line by Riley Blake Designs.  I love them so much so that I'm making the apron, a baby quilt and some pillows for my new sofas. I'm even tempted to make a throw quilt.  I just can't get enough of the gold and blue chevrons and big florals right now.

Right now I'm finishing up a sewing room makeover.  It looks like it's going to be bye-bye to this little baby (she might get a new paint job and move into our guest room but there's no room for her in my sewing room anymore).

Right now I'm finishing up a new pattern.  Should be ready any day.  It's a Block of the Month pattern.  I've literally been working on it FOREVER.  Here's a sneak peak (eek!)

Right now, I'm trying to finish up my Gigi's Thimble taxes.

And right now (well not literally right this second - but today) I dragged my kids around town while trying to gather up my quilts for a trunk show that I'm doing tomorrow.  That was fun.  Isn't it amazing how much kids looove to run errands with their moms after school?  They love to sit in a car for hours on end.  Separated from all that matters in their little worlds.  Can you sense the sarcasm?  I tried to bribe them with treats from the Blue Lemon but the sweet bliss only lasted a few minutes before whining and fighting ensued.  So then we sang "25 Bottles of Beer Milk on the Wall" to pass the time - which did distract them for a minute but then they were right back to realizing how terrible their lives are :(  

Man, I just reread that paragraph and I sound like a really terrible mom...don't judge...please?  It was a lesson in counting...

Ahhh.  Life is busy but good.  
I always have a million projects in the works but I thought I'd share a few pictures of some things I actually did finish.  A few farmer's wife blocks...

 [#85 - Square Dance]

 [#83 - Spider Web - It's not perfect but I like this one.]

 [#26 - Cut Glass]

 [#86 - Squash Blossom]

That's 58 FWQ blocks completed.  I've decided to do the twin size quilt 
(which requires 83 blocks) so I've got 25 more blocks to do.  Our quilts are suppose to be finished up in March so it's time I start kick things into high gear.  Does anyone care to join me in say, a 30- day FWQ marathon?

Let me know!
~ Amber


  1. Beautiful stuff happening at your house. I just bought the FWQ book and was hoping to start making some blocks, so let me know if you're going to get something going. And there's no judgment from my corner over that paragraph about the kids, believe me. I adore my three daughters, but people who think that kids are sweet, innocent angels all the time don't have any kids of their own...

  2. Agreed, Heidi! Kiddos definitely have a will, don't they? Funny though, I can totally remember running errands with Mom, and loathing it!

  3. Ok...you sucked me in. I'm reading along and thinking, wow, really? Her kids like running errands? Then I burst out laughing -- you're too funny. Looks like you're busy and having a great time. Your new pattern looks like it's going to be gorgeous. And wow -- that new Riley Blake fabric will match my kitchen -- I better get some LOL!

  4. Wow Amber, you amaze me! That's quite a lot you have going on right now. Best of luck with the trunk show :-) I'm so looking forward to seeing your sewing room makeover.

  5. I see you have been busy & I love it all.
    You must have been collecting reds & blacks for ages to create that BOM. There will certainly be heads turning for a second look.
    Have fun with your trunk show.

  6. Amber - Thank you so much for the trunk show this morning. It helps me to be exposed to your creativity, to get me out of the box ( or out of my squirrel cage ). I LOVE how you intentionally pull in fabrics from various lines to get a more scrappy look. I bought fabric on Monday, brights and white, but all from one line - and it doesn't have that Zing to it that I was looking for. I think your ideas will help. I am totally in awe of your color placement (in all your quilts, but especially ) the sampler with the scalloped border and the strategic bright orange! If you do a class on this I want to be invited!


  7. LOL, I didn't think you sound like a terrible mom. I thought your kids sounded totally normal!

  8. You're not a terrible Mum! Sounds normal. Kids hate doing stuff that's not about them! Give mine an ipad or ipod touch and they're quiet for hours! Your bom looks intruiging.


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