Commitment Issues

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

I really can't decide.

I bought these paper pieces back in May because I was so inspired by THIS.  

But I'm having some serious commitment issues.  
I can't seem to get past these three little stars.

 This is probably going to be one of those 10 year projects and I just don't want to regret anything half-way through, ya know?

Do I go with civil war?  That's pretty classic... (me thinking out loud).  
I do like civil war quilts when I see them.  
But part of me wants something a little fresher.

I've been leaning towards a two color quilt.  
Like yellow, blue or grey with a white or linen filler.  
No, never mind.  Not grey.  Too gloomy.
Yellow.  Or Navy.  Or aqua. 
But then, that might be torture to work on (if it's only two fabrics).
But still ~ classic.  And really striking.

Or maybe I should do bright and funky...

I just don't know, people!!!

I need to find something that's perfectly me.  
That I'm absolutely in love with.

Maybe something more like THIS...  
It's really quite lovely.  And happy.  And that's what I like. 
 And, actually it kinda inspires me and makes me excited again!

So stay tuned...
Maybe someday I'll make up my mind.
I just kinda had to work that through.

Do YOU ever have commitment issues when it comes to projects? 
~ Amber