Commitment Issues

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

I really can't decide.

I bought these paper pieces back in May because I was so inspired by THIS.  

But I'm having some serious commitment issues.  
I can't seem to get past these three little stars.

 This is probably going to be one of those 10 year projects and I just don't want to regret anything half-way through, ya know?

Do I go with civil war?  That's pretty classic... (me thinking out loud).  
I do like civil war quilts when I see them.  
But part of me wants something a little fresher.

I've been leaning towards a two color quilt.  
Like yellow, blue or grey with a white or linen filler.  
No, never mind.  Not grey.  Too gloomy.
Yellow.  Or Navy.  Or aqua. 
But then, that might be torture to work on (if it's only two fabrics).
But still ~ classic.  And really striking.

Or maybe I should do bright and funky...

I just don't know, people!!!

I need to find something that's perfectly me.  
That I'm absolutely in love with.

Maybe something more like THIS...  
It's really quite lovely.  And happy.  And that's what I like. 
 And, actually it kinda inspires me and makes me excited again!

So stay tuned...
Maybe someday I'll make up my mind.
I just kinda had to work that through.

Do YOU ever have commitment issues when it comes to projects? 
~ Amber


  1. Time-consuming quilts are the best! We can't just bust these quilts out in a weekend. And over time it will kind of evolve. Which I really like! Remember that quilt we both loved in that magazine at work? It was civil war, but bright too. Maybe that's an option for you? Good luck!

  2. You could always just go scrappy, and mix it all up, a little of this and a little of that.

  3. This EPP work is definitely a slow boil project. Because of that, I went scrappy all the way, since I didn't think I could face being tied into a single colour scheme for the long haul. Here's mine, if you want a bit more encouragement that it can finally be completed; it took about 18 months.

  4. Yes I have commitment issues. Right now I'm hoarding fabric and trying to decide on a pattern for a quilt for my bed. I like color value quilts, my husband is a very straight line person, wonky can't be done for my bed!

  5. I think we all have those issues. We know how much time and energy can go into one quilt, so we want to make sure it is something we are not only going to like at the beginning, but at the ending as well! Good luck! I love the colors from the Flicker account.

  6. Are you kidding me? Commitment issues? EVERY project I do, practically !

    Yesterday, my husband decided to leave the t.v. for the first time in I don't know how long, to watch me make a Christmas gift that I had in mind to make. Well, he sits down and he expects me to just whip it out.

    No !

    I agonize at every step........hmmmm, I could do it this way and it would......but no, if I use this fabric here, it'll be more......oh, but what if that doesn't work with their decor? And how big should I go. Do I have binding fabric to match this......oh, I wish I hadn't used that background, cuz I want to make 2 more blocks and that was just a scrap I had. UGH !

    Needless to say, he left and went back to the t.v. after about 30 minutes of VERY LITTLE progress. (But I did finish before I went to took me ALL DAY !)

    How in the world do I ever get anything done?

    Rant over........sorry, you must have touched the wrong button....LOL !

  7. You should try sewing y-seams, they're not as daunting or as difficult as you may think and the whole paper, basting then sewing thing is cut in half! Check out my stars here:



  8. I often thought it was the low light levels at this time of year that make me want to sew with bright colours. In the bright days of summer, you can appreciate the more subtle colours.
    A two colour quilt doesn't have to be just two fabrics. It can be many shades and patterns.
    Good luck with deciding.

  9. Definately brights or brighter than civil war anyway...
    Have fun L xo

  10. Picking fabric is the hardest thing for me...I am so jealous of those that can just grab fabrics from their stash and make gorgeous projects! I love Civil War quilts and colors, but I also love the more modern Flower Sugar fabrics you showed in your picture. I think that is part of the problem...I like it all :) I would think of what you are going to use this quilt for, is it seasonal, bedroom, etc., then stick with that color scheme. I like the look of texts as backgrounds, linens, and pretty Civil War shirtings. Why can't you have one of each? Good luck!

  11. I started a quilt similar to "Life under quilts" EPP project. I used small diamonds and just did random surrounded by white. Now I have bigger diamonds (Quilt patis) and I know I'll never go back and finish that first quilt. It has 140 stars and is really only about half done. I started another one with hexagons made from 12 diamonds, alternating dark centers/light surrounding diamonds with light centers... you get it. Anyway, they are so much more satisfying because they aren't so tiny! That's a marathon project, not a sprint! Good luck!

  12. Commitment issues?? Are you kidding?? I need to give myself severe talkings to to get things D.O.N.E.!! The best thing is a deadline - preferably set by someone else - then it's all steam ahead! Your stars are gorgeous and I'm sure a colour way will burst upon you, probably when you're least expecting it. I'm making a list of 10 things I want to make/finish for 2013, sticking it on the fridge and writing about it on my blog.......hoping that will keep me on the straight and narrow!

  13. If you're not totally loving this long term project right at the beginning you won't finish it so its definitely best to get it right, right now! The pieces you showed are all quite dark and it may be that which is putting you off. I'm more of a brights girl myself!

  14. I would do the timeless colors - because if you do 'fresh and new', you might not be in love with it a couple years down the road.....

  15. LOL! I can relate! I started a similar project with vintage fabrics, but since I had so few "actual-vintage" fabrics, I decided to call it my Vintage-Inspired English Paper Piecing. That way, I could add in whatever other fabrics I liked. It's turning out more "rainbow-y" like the colorful 2nd link you mentioned.


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