Awe-Inspiring Machine Quilting

Monday, October 15, 2012

 You've seen snippets of this quilt here and there before on my blog.  
I believe I started it back in 2010 (eek!)  But now she is finally finished.  And the quilting on it is aMAZing.  I just had to share.

This block of the month quilt was machine quilted by the amazing Kaylene Parry of Lehi, Utah.  She has done many quilts for me before and always does a fantastic job.  I think she probably feels like I'm always pulling back the reigns on her though so I was happy to let her "do her thing" on this one.  (Thanks for putting up with me, Kaylene!  I hope you had fun with it!)

The basket blocks (above) and the stocking blocks (below) are two of my favorite parts on the quilt.  I love the designs Kaylene chose.  There are four stockings - one for each member of my family.  More or less can be added depending on the number you want to have.

Do you see my sweet little binding?  It makes me smile when I see it :)  I originally thought I would probably go with a darker binding - like the red/coral color or the dark brown - but for some reason the mustard stripe (already on the bias!) just spoke to me.  It's from Stitch Studios and I had been eying it for a while so I was happy to be able to snatch some up and use it!

This house is so cute too.  If you look close you can see the quilted scallops on the roof, flowers in the windows and a heart and doorknob on the door - so sweet!

 As a filler block, I decided to hand-embroider a label and stitch it right on to the front of the quilt!  Kaylene quilted a beautiful design around it.

And the pumpkins!?!  Oh the pumpkins.  I just love the little ocean wave pattern that she quilted...

It looks especially cool on the back side! 

Speaking of back sides, I ended up using up some light colored pieces from my stash to make a pieced back.

That always feels good, ya know?  It's a big quilt - twin size.  I don't have any twin size beds in my house and I don't know where it's final resting place will be :) but I will forever treasure this quilt.  My mom and I each made one together.  I'll never forget the good times we had while stitching our little hearts out.  Kaylene is working on quilting hers right now too.  I know my moms will be just as beautiful!

The pattern for this BOM is a free pattern, designed by Jina Barney of Riley Blake Designs.  She goes to the little quilt guild I am a member of (lucky me :).  The pattern can be found HERE.

P.S.  Most of these fabrics we used are from several collections by Fig Tree Quilts.  We are BIG fans.


  1. Your quilt is gorgeous Amber. I especially love the way the baskets are quilted. They look fantastic.

  2. Your quilt is gorgeous and the quilting is absolutely amazing as well!

  3. So pretty! Congrats on such a fabulous finish. :D

  4. I love yours. It was so much fun making this quilt. I need to hang mine up again.

  5. Wow, oh, wow, oh, wow, Amber! I can hardly wait to get mine back from Kaylene. I had so much fun doing this, too! I apologize for slowing you down from your usual momentum. Love you, Hon!

  6. Oh wow! That is awesome and I love the mustard binding, perfect added touch. The quilting is outstanding as well. Great job!

  7. Gosh what a stunning quilt!! The quilting is incredible. It really highlights each area. I love the back of the quilt too =D

  8. Wow Amber! That is amazing! Did you say she did that on a domestic??? It is just breathtaking!

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