Wednesday, September 19, 2012

I've been running in 10 different directions lately
and today I am playing hooky from my day job to catch up.
Not a lot (of finished things) to show you
so I thought I'd show you what's on my to-do list.

We're still working on getting new family room furniture.
We've decided on (2) of these sofas

with an ottoman in the middle.  We're still deciding on what chair to get.  My husband really wants a leather recliner (of course ~ what guy doesn't?)  I've only found one that I think is decent but since it costs as much as one of the sofas ~ we're still stewing that one over. 

Here is a little selection of fabric samples I'm playing with for the big pieces: 

Besides furniture shopping I am working on a bag.
This is a big deal, people.  I do not do bags.  Or zippers.
It is half way done and I am hoping to finish it up before it gets forgotten.

All of these cute fabrics were from my stash.
I'll show a finished product soon - I promise.

I just started binding an ancient WIP, yesterday.
I can't wait to show you this quilt when it's finished. 
The quilting on it is aMAZing!

My marmalade quilt and pattern are just about done.  I stayed up till 2:30 this morning writing the instructions.  It's a two-in-one pattern and I am very excited about it.  It's fun, easy, quick and has lots of versatility!  It's Layer Cake friendly too :)

Speaking of Marmalade, I did accomplish one thing the other day.  I canned raspberry jam (fresh picked from my in-laws garden on Monday night).  I stayed up till 12:30 that night but told my hubby I felt pretty awesome for being so domestic.  It set up right away and is super delish on the mini wheat bagels we are loving these days!

Speaking of jam ~ I just realized I haven't had breakfast yet.  Think I'll go get me some. 

Have a great day!