Just To Be Safe

Monday, August 13, 2012

After my last post I decided I did need some new fabrics to freshen up my red and white collection for my Farmer's Wife quilt.

So here's what I came home with after hitting up one of the local quilt shops that day:

I've found that the dark reds really add some nice contrast to my quilt and help to break things up a bit (and, in the right shade, are a little hard to come by so I was really happy to have found those!)  The medium colored tone-on-tone reds will create a restful place for the eye to land.  The gingham, well the gingham, was just too cute to pass by (but may be a little hard to work with.  I've found that I like the smaller prints best for all the tiny pieces used in the FWQ blocks.  Plus, there's a lot of contrast in that one.  But it's sure dang cute so I will definitely try to make a place for it :)  I like the small red and white floral print because of it's small scale and not too much contrast (it's a 30's print so I also like that it's not super cutesy).  And finally, the two light background fabrics will add a nice contrast to all the reds I'm using.  One, a stripe which will hopefully add a playful element and the large scale floral will bring in some nice movement. 

I don't normally prewash all of my fabric but I've been trying to with this quilt  (just to be safe - since reds usually tend to bleed more than other colors).

When I'm concerened about bleeding I throw in some Shout Color Catchers into the wash (again, just to be safe).  I've got a couple of boxes of them by my washing machine and throw in two or three to catch any extra dye floating around.  Works every time :)

Here, you can see all the dye they soaked up when they were used with my new red and white fabrics.  That's quite a bit, eh?  Glad that didn't go back onto some of my lighter fabrics! 

You can find Shout Color Catchers by the dryer sheets at your local grocery store.  (I'm not getting paid for this recommendation.  I just really like them :)

Anyways, I got a few more FW blocks done this weekend.  Still have 900 more to go but I'll show some pictures soon of my progress.  It's coming right along!

Happy quilting!
~ Amber