Thursday, August 9, 2012

I got two more of these little guys done.
And then I spent two days hunting around for my Farmer's Wife template CD.
That was fun.
Luckily I found it.  In between my computer tower and desk.
I swear I checked there like ten times.
As you can see organization is not my strong suit.

Well, I'm happy with my two new blocks. 
Numbers 98 (Waterwheel) and 62 (Old Windmill).
I'm starting to see that this two-color color scheme is a little bit tricky.
It's all about contrast for me.  I don't know if I'm just sick of my fabrics or if I need more variation in my reds but picking out my fabric for each block can sometimes take just as much time as it takes me to make the darn thing.

Anyways.  I really am having fun making these little 6" blocks.  Our Farmer's Wife club is meeting this Saturday and I need to have two more blocks made by Saturday (#15 and #35) so I definitely will be sitting down to sew again sometime today.  Sooo glad I found my CD.  That will help.

Happy quilting!
~ Amber