Thursday, July 12, 2012

Well, first I want to thank you for all of the well wishes you guys left me with regards to the fire that was so close to our home last week.  The fire definitely added a little excitement to our summer but luckily we were not in any immediate danger.  As I wrote my last post (on the third day of the fire) we were blessed with hours and hours of rain that our state so desperately needed.  I think the fire is finally out now but firefighters are still keeping a close eye on things.  We had another flare up two nights ago but I couldn't see anything yesterday so I am crossing my fingers that they got the last of it put out.  I know there have been many others that have experienced similar things (or worse) so we are counting our blessings at this time.

In the craziness of the fire and getting ready for a family vacation to Montana I have managed to get three more blocks done on my Farmer's Wife Quilt.

The first is #29 (Economy)

I was excited to use some of this new red and white chevron fabric I bought recently but now I'm not sure if I like it here in the middle of this economy block.  I know it's just plain lazy of me (I am not really one for re-doing things unless they just completely won't work) so I will probably end up leaving this block "as is".  The chevron and the dots are just a little too busy for me though.

The next block I made was #6 (Big Dipper)

And the last block I made was #69 (Practical Orchard)

These all were relatively easy but I should be moving on to some harder ones in the next month or so (eek!)

So now that you can see #29 in perspective to the others do you say yay or nay on the chevron?  I think that makes 23 finished now so I only have 5400 more to go!  Oh - I mean 88.  That's soooo many though... hellllp meeee!