Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Since it's been a little quiet on the blog front lately (yet busy behind the scenes) I thought I'd take a quick sewing break to fill you in on what I've been up to...

I've been trying to work on my Scrap Jar Stars quilt everyday.  I'm making some headway for sure, but it will probably be another couple of weeks before I'm finished with the top (there are 42 blocks total!)  I can't wait.  I think I'm going to love it and I'm motivated by the warm weather coming. 
We will be using this quilt this summer :)

[My sewing area at the moment.]

But yesterday I got a little distracted when I felt some motivation to finish up a few hand applique projects like:

my sock quilt (for my laundry room).

And my little fall-ish birdie quilt.

{I got some Heather Bailey felt packs a while ago to do the beaks and feet.  Now that I think about it, it says the wool-blend felt is dry-cleanable.  Guess I better do a test run in the washing machine to see how it washes up since it's going on to a quilt...  Has anyone used these felts before?  Can they go in a quilt???}

 Anyways, the motivation to finish these projects came from a little purchase I made the other day.  I bought these 6-point diamond paper pieces from my friend, Jodi's {Pleasant Home} etsy shop:

The other day she shared this project she's working on

[i stole this photo off Jodi's blog!]

I knew I just had to make one of my own the minute I spied it.
I've been spying several of these lately and I ♥ them.
Especially this yellow and white one I came across on Pinterest:

And this one from Red Pepper Quilts.

Aren't they gorgeous?!?
I ♥ them.
And I've pinned them.
And I just love my pins.