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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Happy Tuesday Everyone!
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Today we have Amy Ellis here to share her creative space with us.  Amy and I met a year or two ago through Alpine Quilt Retreats, where we were both scheduled to teach.  You may know her from the blog, Amy's Creative Side.  She blogs about all things quilty and is the creator behind the Blogger's Quilt Festival.  She is also the author of the book, Modern Basics! 

I'm so thrilled to have her here today.  She is an inspiration to me and I know many of you will be able to relate to her space!


Hi there! I'm Amy from Amy's Creative Side, and I'm happy to share my sewing space with you today! When Amber first asked if I would do this guest post, I responded - "I'd be happy to share, but I don't have a studio!" We agreed that there are plenty of sewists like me and sharing how I make it work would be great fun, so here I am.

Here's our kitchen table, which also serves as my blogging/writing space - I'm smack in the middle of the house, and like that I can keep an eye on our kiddos, while keeping up with my commitments.

I repurposed a printer cart for the corner, to store sewing machines, notions, and the white you see there is interfacing. Also in the dresser, I have two drawers, one holds my precuts, and the other has a couple half finished things, and more notions. My method to working in the kitchen, is keeping things within a stashable reach!
While sewing our table often looks like this:

Always a collection of stuff! And my boy, he's the only one not in school (we have 4 ages 4-11) so he often explores the machine feet, or will rearrange pins in the pin cushion while I'm sewing. He's very curious about the different feet, and what they do - the why stage is sometimes tedious!

I stash my iron high, and the ironing board in the corner, opposite the sewing machine. When I'm busy, this will go up and down a few times a day, as I need it, or the family is around.

In the other half of the kitchen we have a cart, that is primarily used for cutting. When it needs to be cleared off, the mat goes behind a book shelf in the living room, and the smaller items stowed in a drawer. I like the cart, because it is taller than the table, and I can move all the way around it, or re-position it as needed.
Now I'm sure you are thinking, where's the fabric??
This was the top of the printer cart a couple months ago, fabrics were falling behind, off the side, I was frustrated, previously, I hadn't really stashed I needed to find an alternative.

I need a new system!

We had this storage else where in the house, and had recently taken it apart, and it was not in use -

I put it on our stair landing. Yes, space is at a premium here!
On top I have bundles, then a couple of collections for specific projects, on the next shelf, and a stash of solids -

On the lower set of shelves, I have random stashed prints, some larger cuts in the bottom shelf, and to the right a scrap bin, and another collection of notions. My current bolt of batting is there, along with a box of envelops for shipping books out.

It's not super close, but it is better organized, and I have room for the current project fabrics in the kitchen. I just have to put things away once I've finished up!  I've learned that there's lots of little spaces to store what I need, yet have it close at hand - I just have to be creative! I hope you are inspired to make your kitchen table work better for you too.

Thanks Amber for inviting me to share!


Thanks for sharing Amy!
I love your cutting table on wheels!  Genius!
Please leave Amy some comment love below!

Happy Quilting!


  1. I have set up in the basement. Its not pretty but plenty of room for my cheesy plastic drawers :) I didn't know you had an ott lite. Do you love it?

  2. Love the colour of the room! The way you have everything somewhat organised is great. The shelves are a good idea, least you can see all the fabrics you have on hand =D

  3. I have really appreciated all the sewing spaces so far, but I am thankful for this one. I also have my space in my dining room, but I sometimes feel guilty about it being in there but there is no where else and my family does not mind.

  4. I can really relate to this sewing space! My machine is in our hallway, I have plastic storage tubs under the coffee table in our loungeroom and bits and pieces all over the place! One day one of my children will leave home and that room is mine but for now this will have to do.

  5. I am glad you can make this work for you. I am glad to have a whole floor of the house dedicated to my sewing passion. If I had to do a shared room thing now, I would go NUTS!

  6. Your space works and that's whats important. I've been limited too without a studio while my kids were growing up and the old saying "if there's a will there's a way". Love that you can have your fabric out to see.

  7. I love this post. I am a multi crafter and I live/work/craft in a very small cabin. My fabric is all at the bottom of the stairs, my cutting/sewing table is the kitchen/dining table. My painting supplies are in the living room end tables and there are baskets of yarn all around the room.
    You do what you have to do in order to do what you love in the short time you have here on earth.

    I so relate to this one. Love it.

  8. Thanks for a fabulous post!! I want to show my hubby cause I think he would divorce me if I had fabric on the landing (military-neat-freak-man). The fact I have mine stashed in bags on a shelf is ok I think!! I've only moved from the table myself to a desk in a new (sewing/study) room so I can relate to it all too! thank you for sharing...

  9. So lovely to see a different type of sewing room! Not that we don't all crave a room of our own but the reality is that we can't all get that.
    I am about to give up my dedicated sewing room to house a student so we can make some money out of the room.
    Tough economic times call for sacrifice but I am kinda looking forward to the new space in the dining end of our combined lounge room.
    Thanks for sharing.
    London, UK


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